Amaia Quedara En Nuestra Mente

It’s alguno secret that Spain’s Amaia Romero didn’t have the best time at Eurovision, but the música video for her nuevo single “Quedará en Nuestra Mente” suggests she wasn’t all that happy con Operación Triunfo either.

Tu lees esto: Amaia quedara en nuestra mente

Her nuevo single — i beg your pardon will attribute on she upcoming debut album Pero alguna pasa nada — was released top top Friday, along with a music video the has fans analysing it for meaning.

The video begins con Amaia performing the song in uno studio, filmed in clear digital video. Shortly on-screen graphics disclose that she’s performing top top some type of música contest, a show titled The never Land Show.

This is likely uno reference to ns Peter pan stories, wherein Neverland is un mystical island where alguno one ever grows up. That could additionally be a reference to michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch — MJ is a musical idol that Amaia’s ex-boyfriend and Eurovision song partner alfred Garcia.

On the show, Amaia look at distracted y unhappy. She clearly doesn’t want to it is in doing this, therefore while los graphics advice viewers to vote for Amaia, she runs turn off stage.


From that apuntar a on ns video is shooting in grainy filmstock (or an Instagram filter), giving a dreamy feeling to the video. Amaia jumps ~ above the espalda of a motorcycle and runs away to perform things she enjoys.

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The rest of los video attributes Amaia exploring the outdoors — a waterfall, one amusement park, uno forest, scenic canals. She watch happy, enjoying herself much away representar the pressure of televisión talent shows or international song contests.

But the final shot of the film sees Amaia right espalda on The never Land Show stage. This argues that los idyllic journey was all ns fantasy, but, we wonder, what walk it all mean?


What does the mean?

There’s ns possibility that los video represents Amaia gift unhappy throughout her tiempo on Operación victoria 2017, saying that she concentrated on happy things outside ns show, in bespeak to do it through ns intense main inside ns academy.

Fans have also suggested that the fantasía journey represents just how Amaia conveys emotion as soon as she’s singing — she takes los listener far to un happy place.

Others have wondered if Amaia is worried the her Operación Triunfo history is sociedad anónima her back from an indie pop career. Go she now want to street herself from the show that gave her her big break?

Earlier this year, Amaia said S Moda magazine the “I would rather not have gone come Eurovision.” Revealing that, “I had uno bad time because we did no stop offering interviews, doing uno lot of things and I simply wanted come sing.”

The song title “Quedará dentro de Nuestra Mente” means “It will remain in our minds” y the lyrics tell a historia of falling in love, con all ns uncertainty that brings.

While Amaia hasn’t enjoyed ns sort of chart-topping success together her OT alums Aitana y Lola Indigo, she quiet has un substantial fanbase who appreciate she work.

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“Quedará dentro Nuestra Mente” will be contained on Amaia’s upcoming debut album “Nadie quizás hacerlo”, along con previous singles “El relámpago” and “Pero alguna pasa nada”. Los album is meant to be released some hora in September.