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What come do

Travel by coach from Madrid to Toledo con for un quick, comfortable y pleasant journey. Only provides you los chance come travel desde Madrid to Toledo through coach at ns best rate guaranteed. Y if girlfriend buy your tickets in advancement at you can avail of our cheapest deals.


Madrid is a dynamic ciudad that is saturado of life y brimming with cultural y sports activities, not to mention ns many sites to see. While recognized for its leisure tourism, this ciudad is página de inicio to some major museums, such as ns Reina Sofía Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the prado Museum, and the museum of Archaeology and the museum of natural Sciences.

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This ciudad was named a World Heritage website by UNESCO given los many roman inn ruins found there. Visitors space spoiled for an option with ns offering that monuments together as ns Alcázar, the Monastery of san Juan, ns Mosque of Cristo del la Luz, y the Cathedral. It is additionally known because that its many traditional dishes, offering intensely flavoured tasty dishes usually made using local produce: stew, game dishes, and marzipan sweets room just uno few.