the Big Bang Theory: 10 Things that Make no Sense around Bernadette Bernardette, Howard"s wife and love is un curious character. As much as audience love her, many of things about Bernardette don"t do sense.

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Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz was ns small spitfire The big Bang Theory essential when she come on to the scene in ns third season. She tamed los one and only Howard Wolowitz y became uno successful microbiologist with her Ph.D. Uneven Penny, Bernadette just how goals outside of her looks, which was inspiring to mrs viewers interested in STEM.

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Over doce seasons, entusiastas got to know los characters of TBBT inside y out. The dando has a cult complying with where every detail was fact-checked y scrutinized through diehard fans. Bernadette"s character has actually been brought up quite ns few veces for being inconsistent. What happened to los sweet, quiet "Catholic girl" us met early on? Let"s take uno look at diez things that don"t add up with Bernadette.

the only factor Bernadette come into the picture is the Leonard fan Howard ns favor. At any time Leonard had a girlfriend again, that would try his finest to set Howard up con one of her friends. The only mrs Penny might think of was she tiny girlfriend Bernadette, who she worked with at the Cheesecake Factory.

The pair met for a blind date y the remainder was history. At that time, Bernadette was an ext reserved, polite, y had los tiniest small voice the everyone lugged up. In later seasons, she voice seemed to lose its squeakiness.

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Viewers found out Bernadette was pregnant con their first child, Halley, around Valentine"s day in the episode "The Valentino Submergence." it wasn"t claimed how far along she to be then but it"s assumed it to be in the early stages.

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Oddly enough, the episode after Halley"s birth to be "The holiday Summation," definition Halley to be born around ns holidays. Wouldn"t that mean she was pregnant for once months (give or take)? ns nine-month pregnancy would lead she to provide some hora in October, not dos months later...

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Bernadette mentions at an early stage in her relationship with Howard the she"s not fond of kids because she had five brothers and sisters. With uno busy house and aloof parents, Bernadette never ever got ns attention or lull she to be looking for.

With such uno big family, one would assume that her siblings would pop up in an episode eventually, yet they never did. Her parents likewise lived nearby, meaning she thrived up in los area. Does this mean every one of her siblings relocated away and that"s why she never saw them? castle weren"t also at your wedding!

7 If Bernadette"s Mom functioned Fulltime, how Did She run An illegal Daycare Center?

as soon as it came time to talk about children, Bernadette to be hesitant. Walk she really want to have actually kids after hating them because that so many years? She stated her hate for children stemmed from assisting she mom run an illegal daycare.

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What doesn"t add up is Bernadette said she had to aid with ns daycare since her mommy was functioning fulltime. Walk this typical Bernadette was the only human being in charge of this daycare or was she mom"s fulltime job taking treatment of bordering kids?

In "The Herb Garden Germination," rumors started dispersing that Bernadette was going to rest up con Howard. Amy y Sheldon found los rumor intriguing and started their own theory top top rumors but los question still remained: was Bernadette break up con Howard?

At the end of los episode, the gang is sitting approximately at dinner as soon as all of a sudden Howard proposes. To ns group"s surprise, she said yes! ns topic of her breaking up con Howard was never brought up again. Does this typical she had uno change of love or walk she settle?

5 She have the right to Be Hyporcritical once It comes to "Me Time"

At ns beginning the Howard y Bernadette"s relationship, she appeared to luz up at Howard"s jokes and supported his quirks. Together the series went on, however, the mentality changed.

In one episode, Bernadette acquired upset with Howard because that constantly choosing his friends gastos generales her. Howard would constantly be gaming with Raj or at ns comic book store with the guys. Once he had actually downtime, he didn"t want to spend it with his wife. She was triggered by this y it appeared to influence her.

In later on seasons, the tables have actually turned. With dos kids y a fulltime job, Bernadette started lying to Howard, saying she to be coming home late desde work. In reality, she to be drinking alcohol in Halley"s playhouse in los backyard. She even invited Penny y Amy to sign up with her!

In "The Speckerman Recurrence," Bernadette and Amy have un heart-to-heart with Penny about her past. It ended up being clear that Penny was los bully women favor Amy and Bernadette feared in high school. Bernadette compelled Penny to expropriate this y apologize to those she"s hurt.

Oddly enough, as hora went ~ above Bernadette became los bully. She bullied she boss, her co-workers, Howard — anyone roughly her. What"s worse is she cried when Penny challenged her around it however didn"t adjust her ways.

3 Why would certainly She job-related At los Cheesecake Factory?

One fan on Reddit made un good point: if Bernadette was getting her degree in microbiology, why was she working at los Cheesecake manufacturing facility to pay for her loans? As the poster said, becoming a microbiologist is incredibly hard work and takes time.

Working at los Cheesecake manufacturing facility adds nothing to her level except for money to make payments. "Why wouldn"t she just take teaching hrs or help Professors, as most grad college student do?" the poster added.

while on she first trabaja with Howard, the two room going back y forth around their controlling mothers. Howard"s mommy calls the every 2nd of the day y Bernadette"s mommy calls come ask what she had actually for lunch.

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Eventually, Bernadette notes that her mother still picks she clothes el fin for her. What doesn"t make sense is she to be living alone when she said this. As ns student with her own apartment, just how would her mom come over every soltero morning to pick her outfits?

1 exactly How religious Are the Rostenkowskis?

Bernadette wore ns cross necklace approximately her neck when she go on her an initial date con Howard. Gift Jewish, he was hoping dating a Catholic girl would press his mother gastos generales the edge. Bernadette additionally mentioned being really religious and her dad wasn"t too happy she was date (or marrying) someone outside of her religion.

However, precisely how religious can los Rostenkowskis it is in if lock had cuales problems con Sheldon, Raj, Penny, and Amy being ns ministers at your rooftop wedding? being ultra-religious, wouldn"t they urge on having un priest operación the ceremony?