Casa De Freddie Mercury Por Dentro

Mary had actually been the roca star’s lover because that six la edad before he chose he desired male partners. Shortly prior to his death, he came to be anxious to provide her y her two niños with some security. For this reason, he decided to leaving her his most prized possession – his ‘dream home’. Having actually agreed to be godfather to her eldest son Richard, he liked the opinión of his casa one trabaja becoming los family casa it currently is. That is straightforward to see exactly how much he believed of her. ‘Love is the hardest point to achieve and the one point in this organization that have the right to let you down the most’ he as soon as said. ‘I have gathered an enormous bond with Mary. She has gone v just around everything’.

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Not only did Freddie leave his splendid Georgian mansion, in London’s Kensington, to Mary, but also los bulk that his multi-million pound fortune, with an income for life representar his large record sales and publishing. The casa stands behind an expansive walled Japanese garden. Freddie was an especially fond of Japanese art and had motivated his last boyfriend carga Hutton come create los garden, which is still filled with flowering trees and multi-coloured roses. Freddie always had un flair for style y spent uno fortune transforming the casa into uno splendid palatial home.


The late Freddie Mercury’s sumptuous musical room, in his splendid mansion in London’s Kensington, has great view of ns walled Japanese garden. Ns main emphasis of los room is un massive window which filters the daylight onto un giant chandelier and mirrors, giving los whole room ns bright and airy feel. Mar inherited ns Georgian mansion y all ns furniture within, including ns piano where Freddie composed plenty of of Queen’s smash hits. Mar urged Freddie come place the house and its materials in trust, but he wanted her to have actually it.

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Towards the end of Freddie’s life, he surrounding himself with a small near knit coporación, grupo of girlfriend he can trust completely. Delaware a run of disastrous, tempestuous relationship around ns world, he would certainly confide to pals the he feeling betrayed by countless of the people with whom the had gotten in into relationships. There was one previous partner that he never lost his admiration because that – Mary, pictured in ns mansion’s magnificent drawing room, wherein she would certainly sit y talk to her viejo friend when he retreated from the windy eye together his problem deteriorated. Los room is completamente of his favourite Japanese furniture y art, oil paintings y Dresden china. Ns singer wanted mary to have actually his dream home to offer her some security.


One of the most enduring images fans have that Freddie on stage is him sitting by his piano playing standard Queen hits such together Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are ns Champions and Seven Seas of Rhye. Ns top that his cool piano, in the musical room of the house, is covered in silver framed imágenes of Mary and her family. There are likewise many pictures of Mary con Freddie, i beg your pardon capture los happy job she as soon as shared with him.

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Memories of her dear friend surround mar throughout the house, where generous Freddie love to hold glitzy parties because that his friends. Mary admits she’s kept los decor y furnishings exactly as they were once Freddie died. ‘He had actually impeccable taste, therefore why change it?’ she says.