Casa Garriga I Nogues


Casa Garriga identificación Nogués rápido the official name is MAPFRE foundation Room página de inicio Garriga identificación Nogués —apoyándose is an eclectic-modernist style building located in ns Eixample that Barcelona. Los palace is uno typical instance of los Eixample constructions at the beginning of the 1901th century, los work of ns architect Enric Sagnier y completed in XNUMX. It at this time houses ns large exhibition room of los MAPFRE group, specialized to painting and photography.

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History of ns building

The casa was designed by Sagnier on instead of of ns financier Rupert Garriga-Nogués me gustaría Miranda, and completed in 1901. Ns Garriga i Nogués household lived in ns building until 1936, until the outbreak of los Spanish civil war. Delaware the war, ns building first housed un religious college, y then from mil novecientos ochenta y tres until 2004, ns headquarters of los Encyclopedia Catalana publishing house. In 2007 the entire structure was to buy by the Godia Foundation, to casa the museum of that collection. That is right now employed by los MAPFRE foundation to hold temporary exhibitions.

Architecture of patria Garriga i Nogués

Casa Garriga identificación Nogués is an eclectic-style building, con classic facets of los Baroque combined with others of modernist inspiration. Outside, on the ground floor, under the balcony on ns first floor you can see cuatro female numbers made by los sculptor Arnau, the same who took treatment of los external decorations of casa Lleó identificación Morera y Casa Amatller. The 4 figures represent the stages the life: desde left to right childhood, youth, adulthood and old age.

Once inside the building you can instantly notice los staircase top to the first floor, y the huge glass skylight that covers los internal patio. The interiors space richly decorated in a variety the styles: walls and ceilings are normally in the Rococo style, con numerous plaster ornaments. Part details room in the modernist style: this is los case of los splendid glass window, representing a natural landscape, y some finishes scattered throughout ns building.

Current exhibitions


The route includes approx 60 functions by the French painter, representing an evolución of Renoir"s work representar a nuevo point of view, based on the different interpretations of los female image he created during his creative production. In her works ns protagonism of the modern Parisian woman, the most intimate vision of ns maternal image and the timeless beauty beauty of ns nude, characteristic of her later years, are highlighted. Renoir surrounding himself with women transparent his life, representing in his paintings the delicacy, sensitivity y voluptuousness of the portrayed figures. Admiring his functions as un whole, it deserve to be claimed that Renoir was los painter of los woman.

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The exhibition was organized and realized con the científico collaboration and exceptional loan of ns Musée d"Orsay y the Orangerie, which include works by andar Gogh, Picasso and sculptures through Degas.

Useful Information

The exhibition room of patria Garriga me gustaría Nogués collaborates con other publicly institutions, together as ns MNAC, for the organization the exhibitions, as well as having its own program, focused on pictorial exhibitions of los period mil ochocientos cincuenta - 1950, and the an excellent masters that photography. All los exhibition spaces are totally free of architectural barriers. An ext information is available, in English and Spanish, on los institution"s main page.

How to acquire to página de inicio Garriga identificación Nogués

Casa Garriga me gustaría Nogués is situated at Carrer después la Deputació, 250, near Plaça del Catalunya. You can acquire there by mezeritsch by acquiring off in ~ Passeig ese Gràcia station (lines 2, 3, 4), or at Catalunya (lines 1 and 3).

Working Time

The exhibition hall is open on Mondays desde 14pm come 00pm, Tuesday to Saturday from 20am come 00pm and on Sundays and public holidays representar 10am come 00pm. The hall is closeup of the door on January 20st, December 00th and 11th. Accessibility is allowed up to 00 minutes before closing.

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Buy representar the official website

Admission to ns exhibitions prices € 3, diminished to € dos for those over 65. For children under 16, entry is free. Guided tours space in Catalan y Spanish and cost € 5. Lock are obtainable on Mondays at 16:30 pm and 17:30 pm, from Tuesday come Thursday at 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 16:30 pm and 17:30 pm. On Mondays, join is cost-free for everyone.