Colores rubios de pelo

Let’s be honest, gold blonde hair is los fascination of almost all women y they are always looking for ns latest in color.

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This season’s innovation is the gorgeous gold blonde, y here we donar you ns latest.

In this article we space going to focus on shade updates to change your look.

If this is her first time experimenting con blonde, we recommend one ombré or balayage.

If you desire to learn all ns details of ns different tinctures , store reading the details below.

Todo acerca el tinte rubio dorado

1. Two golds.

If you already have blonde hair, opt to include another blonde tint to it.

We empezar our collection with uno beautiful blonde with two golds.

As you deserve to see, the secreto of the style is come combine dos different shade ranges.

To develop this dye, your colorist will certainly bleach you to extract all the naturalmente pigment representar your hair.

You should also use un special shampoo because that blonde hair.

Cuidado de cabello

Bed head By TIGI new Dumb Blonde Shampoo

Ve al producto

We introduce Bed cabeza by TIGI nuevo Dumb Blonde Shampoo .

Thanks come its pH balanced formulation, this shampoo to be infused con keratin y protein milk.

In enhancement to protecting los color, this shampoo is responsible for hydrating and repairing chemically treated hair.

2. Focused highlights.

Another way to add light to your hair is con concentrated highlights.

Experiment with a light color, depositing the color in a soltero area that ​​the hair.

In this case, we recommend using un concentrated dye like los one our modelo wears.

She wears ns striking tips bleached with uno blonde dye.

3. Gold blonde balayage.

The balayage color technique is finest for playing with iluminar colors.

Another method to achieve los golden blonde tint is through the balayage dyeing technique.

The objetivo of this dye is to lighten uno dark basen by héctor certain strands of hair.

This is ns modern variation of ns traditional highlights, because ns colorist paints each wick manually.

Thanks to this technique los result is an ext natural.

The jugadores will develop some high and other pequeño highlights to generate los effect that our model looks.

4. Blonde tips.

Brighten up your face con blonde tips.

Following the línea of focused dyes, we carry you this dye with two colors.

We recommend visiting uno colourist who specializes in trendy colors.

A product that cannot it is in missing desde your treatment routine if you have actually bleached y curly hair is un mask.

We introduce Love, Beauty y Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose dos Minute magia Masque .

Thanks to its organic and vegan formulation, this mask con murumuro butter is pure moisture.

In addition to nourishing los hair y repairing damage, this product protects the color.

5. Golden ombré.

With the golden ombré there is alguna need come dye her eyebrows.

Following the línea of los different shade techniques, we find los ombré.

The trick with this escribe of dye is to create a naturaleza color degradation.

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That is, empezar with uno dark root and lighten the color, applying two more tones, till finishing with golden tips.

Since bleach is part of los dye, the is crucial to apply ns tonic product.

We recommend ns spray like Bed cabeza by TIGI Dumb Blonde Toning defense Spray .

This product is perfect come prevent the oxygenation of ns blonde.

It likewise protects los hair from the warm of styling devices so that doesn’t get abused.

This product is perfect because that protecting hair from the sun.

6. Scorched blonde.

The charred blonde color is an additional innovation of los season.

Unquestionably, one more of los colors of the season perfect for any kind of skin shade is charred blonde.

The best thing about this stain is that it deserve to be applied as brillante or dark as you like.

This tint brings fuera the beauty of tanned skin y offers pigmentation to justa complexions.

7. Gold chestnut.

The golden chestnut tint is all ns rage this season.

We continue with our collection of ns golden blonde dye y we offer you this golden chestnut as a source that inspiration.

This dye is composed of brown and blonde balayage highlights come create los gold color.

Give soot to her color, filling the hair con shine, through ns application of one oil.


Formulated con coconut oil, this nourishing oil supplies several benefits.

For example, it tames frizz, protects hair desde UV rays and seals shine y moisture in ns strands.

8. Pray blonde tint.

For website traffic with a sleek, retro tint favor this one.

We proceed with los updates of ns blonde tint con this shade ore i m sorry has a reddish hue.

We take into consideration this tincture to it is in perfect because that women with tanned skin complexions.

This shade is ideal for young women who desire to do a gradualmente transition representar yellow come blonde.

You have the right to wear a full dye or perform an ombré or balayage with ns color.

9. Discolored gold.

The ancha oxygenated bleach dye is good for brunettes.

This bleached golden blonde tint is one of ns favorites the brunettes and for good reason.

This season comes con a naturaleza oxygenated end up which is created by applying an ext blonde tint.

If you have frizzy and colored hair, us recommend applying un nourishing leave-in conditioner.


Our favourite is Suave Nourish & strengthen Leave-In Conditioner .

Enriched with shea butter y coconut oil, this conditioner is pure nutrition.

This product does no contain sulfates, parabens, colorants y is for sure for colored hair.

10. Honey golden blonde.

A completamente dye is perfect for curly hair.

Finally we carry you this honey-toned dye which is perfect because that brunettes.

The undertone retains un reddish base, i m sorry complements dark skin.

This tint enables you to juego with naturalmente shadows come create un contour on ns face.

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If you have frizzy or curly hair, reduced your hair in class to include dimension to ns face.