Cristo de los faroles en cordoba

Capuchinos Square has been dubbed like this since los beginning of the 17th century, when the primitive convent the Franciscan monks was founded. With a cuadrangular floor, mainly closed, it completely dominates ns whiteness of the limestone that its plain walls. Renowned architect Rafael de la Hoz once said around its sobriety and elegance that “nothing so an excellent had ever been do in architecture with so little“.

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Capuchinos Square has dos entrances, on the east y west, from Cuesta del Bailío or Doblas Square. If we go through Cuesta después Bailío our eyes will certainly be attracted by the impressive Cristo de los Faroles (Christ of los Lanterns) in ns middle the the square. However, if we go from the neighbouring Doblas Square, los white façade of ns Church of ns Convent of los Capuchins will fully dominate our perspective.

Brother Félix después Granada to buy in mil seiscientos veintinueve a house of Puerta ese Corbacho from Marquis Almunia, with ns aim that erecting the Convent that Capuchin Monks in its place. The works perfect in 1633, and the church was built años later. Los church had a one-naved floor with un transept covered by a vault supported gastos generales pendentives. Ns façade had regreso then three round arches, however nowadays just the central one remains, over which over there is an alcove with a beautiful photo of “San Francisco” (Saint Francis), flanked by dos small and narrow rectangular openings. A triangular pediment is at the top of the ensemble, as lejos as the façade and with un small oculus in that centre.

The monks suffered several expropriation processes, together as los one bespeak by josé Bonaparte’s federal government in 1810 or the one by General arriesgado in 1821. Later on on, con Mendizábal’ s expropriation in 1835 the convent was sold and demolished, y the property of the church happen to los bishopric. During these years, many goods were seized, among which we deserve to mention a “Sagrada Familia” (Last Supper) by José ese Ribera “El Espagnoletto“.

The primitive Hospital of san Juan and San Jacinto was established in 1596 by brothers Pedro ese Castillo, in un location close to the Church of smo Juan después los Caballeros (Saint john of los Knights), today Church of the Esclavas del amor de Jesús (Slaves that Jesus’s Heart). The centro de salud remained there until 1717, when Father Posadas moved it to the cuadrado we room talking about, the opposite the Convent of Capuchins.

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Capuchinos Square has dos entrances to los church and the hospital. Ns entrance to los church is lintelled y it is framed by ns parted triángulo pediment, where there is an alcove with an photo of los “Virgen después los Dolores” (Virgin that Pains). Ns entrance to ns hospital, which also leads to los foot of los church, has actually a ir a buscar scheme to the previous one, but the pediment is currently curve, and the photo represented in one alcove is “San Jacinto“, the main smo of ns hospital. Listed below it we deserve to see the crest the Bishop Marcelino Siuri, who funded these works.

The Chuch the Dolores has a one-naved floor, extended by ns barrel vault over pendentives in the transept. We deserve to highlight an exceptional Neoclassical niche located on los apse, with los image that the Virgen después los Dolores (Virgin of Sorrows), popularly well-known as “the señora of Córdoba“, which was carved by religious sculptor juan Prieto around the year 1719. At ns front of one of los altars ~ above the junto a of los Gospel we can see Santísimo Cristo después la Clemencia (Holy Christ the Clemency), one of the main images of ns Brotherhood that Dolores, made by sculptor desde Seville Amadeo Ruiz Olmos in 1939.

As we discussed above, in ns middle of Capuchinos Square we deserve to see the famous Cristo después los Faroles (Christ of ns Lanterns) by stonemason juan Navarro, whose de verdad name is “Cristo después los Desagravios y Misericordias” (Christ that Amends y Mercy), as can be read on ns plaque on one of ns walls of los convent: “All ns believers that devoutly pray in front of this sacred photo of los Holy Christ that Amends and Mercy, will certainly win three hundred y sixty job of indulgence granted by number of prelates. Year 1794“. Sculpted in stone, this splendid crucified is lighted in ~ night through eight elegant lanterns, i m sorry provide the place with uno great mysticism.

Carlos Clementson wrote:

And tiempo has stayed motionless and white, quit in the middle that a square Where ns moon Christ amongst lanterns Expires ceaselessly year delaware year.

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