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Pain is often ns symptom of an underlying wellness problem y one area of ns body that have the right to experience an excellent pain is the lower best abdomen. But when do you must be concerned about an ab pain?

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What is in the lower ideal abdomen?

Before anything else, that is vital to review ns body’s anatomy. What are ns organs located in ns abdomen, and what illness are often seen in these areas?

The abdomen has 4 quadrants – upper right, reduced right, top left, and the lower left. In addition to these, there are numero 3 areas in los middle abdomen, namely, los epigastric, umbilical, and hypogastric area.

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In every area, over there are specific organs or parts of ns gastrointestinal system. For instance, los right upper part of ns abdomen is where ns liver, bitterly bladder, appropriate kidney, and pancreas are located. In the left top quadrant, los stomach, left kidney, and spleen room situated. The lower left quadrant is where the small intestine, colon, ureter, and major veins or arteries to ns veins space located. Lastly, the lower right ab area is the site of the appendix, ascending colon, y part of the female reproductive organs.

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Right lower abdominal pain

There space many conditions that can reason lower right ab pain. Yet one of the most common causes is appendicitis. Other reasons include:

Inflammatory bowel disease, IBDDiseases of los female reproductive organs together as:Ovarian tumor or mass, with or without twisting

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These are differentiated by uno careful history, spring for details signs on physical examination, y diagnostic radiography, ultrasound, and/or CT scanning of the abdomen. Symptoms like fever, migration of pain from near the navel come lower down on the right side, and the presence of rigidity and rebound tenderness of the abdominal pared should alert ns physician to the possibility that appendicitis.

This must be evidenced by imaging studies together above. If ns CT scan outcomes are normal, the disease is most likely to be localized in the female reproductive organs, ns colon or the urinary tract, and specific examinations y tests need to then be performed.

Pain in ns lower right quadrant should be taken seriously if it is severe y accompanied by ns following symptoms:

Fever, chest pain, or a feeling of too much faintnessSevere vomiting immediately delaware eatingBreathing problemsIrregular pulse rateDark or blackish stoolsVomiting bloodMild pain persisting after two daysPain worsening, or add by inexplicable weight lossPain with bloating over more than dos days, or diarrhea for much more than five daysPain with fever or linked urinary problems

It’s important to know about appendicitis together one of ns most common causes of right lower quadrant abdominal muscle pain.

What is appendicitis?

People who suffer from lower right abdominal muscle pain might have ns condition called appendicitis, or inflammation of the appendix. Appendicitis is a médico emergency y if it’s not treated immediately, it have the right to be life-threatening. One inflamed appendix may burst or rupture, causing perforation y spilling of infective cosas into the abdominal cavity.

Causes the appendicitis

The appendix can be inflamed due to many causes, y more than one reason may be existing in any kind of given case. Some typical reasons for inflammation of ns appendix include:

Blockage of los opening in los appendixInflammatory bowel diseaseHypertrophied (overgrown) organization in the wall of los appendix (usually resulted in by an epidemic of ns digestive tract)Trauma to ns abdominal areathe presence of hard stools, growth or helminth that can cuadra the lumen of los appendix

The reason of appendicitis is uncertain in countless cases. That is true, nevertheless, the one of the most common causes is los obstruction of ns appendix.

Appendicitis might be mild if therapy is initiated promptly. If pus builds up in los appendix as result of inflammation, it may burst, flooding ns abdominal area or cavity with the infected matter.

This commonly happens after treinta y seis hours desde the onset of epidemic in ns appendix. That may an outcome in peritonitis (inflammation of ns lining of los abdominal cavity) i m sorry is ns potentially life-threatening complication, demanding prompt medical treatment.

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When should you be concerned around right lower ab pain?

Appendicitis is a medical emergency. Los common symptom include a dull pains near los umbilical area or navel that becomes sharp, lose of appetite, constipation or diarrhea con gas, inability to pass gas, nausea or vomiting, y fever.

Other symptoms may appear, such together painful urination and a emotion that having un bowel movement will relieve discomfort and pain. Appendicitis have the right to be failure for other conditions, such together gassy pains.

However, appendicitis may be suggested if the pain starts near los navel y moves to ns right lower quadrant, becomes worse ~ above moving, walking or sneezing, becomes much more intense over a few hours, wake up abruptly y may even despierta you up from sleep, if the pain is the first symptom come occur, y if it very severe, often described as a pain worse 보다 you’ve never felt before.

If you feel any of these symptoms, you need to seek tratamiento médico attention immediately.

How is appendicitis treated?

The only treatment for appendicitis is los surgical removed of los inflamed appendix. Pain medications have the right to help relieve pain, but not for long. As long as the appendix is inflamed, los pain will persist. Worse, los appendix deserve to rupture and cause infection in los whole abdominal cavity.

Appendectomy is a procedure involving los removal of ns appendix. Los procedure deserve to be done through dos methods – laparoscopic surgery y laparotomy. In laparoscopic surgery, surgeons usar small incisions y specialized tools to remove los appendix. Since it’s much less invasive than ns traditional surgery, it has actually fewer complications and a shorter hospital stay.

On ns other hand, laparotomy involves ns removal of the appendix with a single incision gastos generales the abdominal pared in the right lower right quadrant. This is much more invasive and may require ns longer hora for the patient to recover.

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Usually, antibiotics room intravenously given to para reducir the risk of peritonitis. Ns typical size of stay is in between three and five days. The removal of ns appendix has not been presented to have any effect on ns digestive system, whether in ns short or long term.