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*** Write a personal journal right there on your phone! ****** Write a personal journal right there on your phone! ***** If you are looking for one of the cutest diary which you can have for free, you are at the right place! You vị not have to keep a secret notebook hidden somewhere in your room anymore.

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Write all your secrets in your private notebook and protect them with a quality pin code. Keep your daily diary and be at ease because nobody can ever see your diary entries but you!** Decorate your personal diary with photos and beautiful emoticons which will match your current mood. This “journal with lock” could easily be the best diary phầm mềm you have ever used! Have fun with your new secret diary with password and keep all your thoughts completely safe from unwanted looks! tải về Niki: đáng yêu Diary phầm mềm now and let the magic begin!*** Features **** địa chỉ cửa hàng or delete an entry!* Sort your entries by date (descending or ascending)!* Use the search tool lớn easily find an entry!* địa chỉ cửa hàng a photo from your gallery to decorate your diary entries!* Use the quick text if you need khổng lồ write something fast!* Supported languages: English, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Srpski, Русский, 日本語.*** Customize your diary entries **** Select your favorite background!* Customize the thẻ just the way you lượt thích it!* showroom cutest emoticons which will reflect your feelings with ease!* Change the fonts style, kích thước and color!* địa chỉ beautiful photos & selfies lớn your entries!* You can also customize the phầm mềm itself by changing the background and buttons color!*** Lottery **** Win new stuff every day!*** Settings **** set your chất lượng pin code & protect your secrets!* Backup and restore your data by using your Google account!* Turn notifications on so that Niki can remind you lớn write và play the lottery!* cốt truyện the word about our new private diary app!*** Nobody will be able to read your secrets without permission! ***** Have you been searching for an amazing “journal app” where you can write about your day? vày you need a secret diary with lock for girls? Our new Niki: xinh đẹp Diary tiện ích is perfect for you! Having a my password journal app is awesome because you can write your diary on your phone & protect your entries.** Try out this “cute diary” free of charge and enjoy using our gorgeous kawaii emoticons và funny fonts for your diary entries. Write in your private “diary with lock” và enjoy having the cutest Niki the Rabbit as your own personal assistant!*** Keeping a personal diary is absolutely a must for a modern girl! ***** You can use this outstanding diary tiện ích every day and write about your thoughts và feelings with ease.

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This đáng yêu diary with password will make you feel better, even if your day was not so great. This “secret diary with lock” is a chất lượng private diary phầm mềm where you can write all about your love life.** But do not worry – all your secrets are safe! This “personal diary” app gives you a beautiful diary for girls! So, if you like using “my secret diary”, you will love our new dễ thương diary app. Try out our Niki: đáng yêu Diary App và start writing your journal completely free!*** Enjoy this amazing và cute diary with lock! ***** If you need a “my diary” entry app, this personal diary with lock will not disappoint you! Keeping a “secret diary” is exciting and easy with our new diary with lock password for girls. You can backup & restore your data by using your google account & turn on notifications so that Niki can remind you to lớn write, as well as try your luck with the lottery.** Create beautiful diary entries và decorate them with different backgrounds, emoticons & your own photos. Customize this journal diary app according to lớn your own taste! tải về our Niki: dễ thương Diary App và enjoy writing about your day!* The game is không lấy phí but contains certain InApp packages that can be purchased for real money.