After uno Cooking Class con us over there are two things an extremely clear for everyone: the Mediterranean y Spanish cuisine cannot exist without good adicional virgin olive oil, neither there is no garlic! and that for many foreigners in “exorbitant” quantities that challenge their knowledge, yet to i beg your pardon one can obtain used come effortlessly.

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 A great example the this would certainly be ns delicious “pil-pil prawns”. This crustacean, ns dish is mainly made el fin of, can be discovered along the Andalusian coast and is a extendido ingredient in countless traditional y modern recipes. In fact there is no tapas bar that appreciates itself the wouldn’t offer it in this version. It’s ns classic, fast, simple, tasty and healthy- you can not ask because that more.



However it is no only ns quality of the prawns, but the “pil-pil” sauce (Pimentón de la Vera, Garlic, uno good Spanish adicional Virgin Olive Oil y chili) that offers it con character y its unmistakable flavor.

It can not be easier: un cazuela (Spanish clay pot) is cook up y a great splash that extra virgin olive oil is included until the entire bottom is covered (don’t leave any complimentary space, go for it!). Incorporate numerous cloves the garlic cut into slices y cayenne chili to your liking y sauté everything.

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Pimentón después la vera dulce


Good extra Virgin Olive Oil in los “Cazuela“


Peeled prawns (20 approximately)5 cloves that garlicParsleyChili (Dried cayenne pepper). Whole dried or floor cayenne.Extra Virgin Olive oil.Salt


Chop the garlic in slices, part chili (depending on her preferences) and parsley.Add quite ns lot that olive oil in one earthenware casserole till covering los entire bottom y heat the up.When los oil is hot, add los garlic, chili and parsley.Once every these ingredients room slightly fried, incorporate the peeled prawns (without head) and cook lock in the pot for tres or four minutes, until lock have uno pink color. Save in mind that ns earthenware pot keeps ns contents warmth up to half an hour, so the shrimps will proceed cooking when removed from the fire.Sprinkle un teaspoon of paprika powder (spicy or sweet) gastos generales everything y some salt.

Very important: It demands to be served sizzling hot!

Tip: Cazuelas come in different shapes and sizes y can be uncovered anywhere in Spain. Pil Pil prawns are normally served in 12-16 cms diameter cazuelas  like this one offered on amazon. However don’t issue if you don’t have ns cazuela, it functions also an excellent in a small pan.

So there’s just left come say: make certain to get a good bread, because you absolutely want to dip it into this tasty sauce! Enjoy!

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