Ensalada con jamon serrano

Serrano salad, that is healthy eco-friendly salad con one unique ingredient: Jamón Serrano! This is one of those dishes that have the right to be consumed in any type of season of ns year, particularly in spring y summer since of exactly how refreshing it is.

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However, over there are countless ways to prepare it y the an excellent thing is that the recipe deserve to vary escape on ns ingredients you have actually at home. That said, its flexibility has no limits and it’s so easy to make that you won’t have any type of excuse not to try it.

Quickly! Take ns pen y paper and write down the complying with instructions that we space going to offer you at Enrique Tomás to prepare a delicious Serrano ham

Serrano ham is considered uno premium ham the is at the top o... Salad.

Properties of ns Serrano Salad

One the those healthy y especially appetizing recipes is ns Serrano ham salad. This is uno nutrient-rich dish that combines ns fiber of eco-friendly vegetables with the high protein content of ham.

The much more varied los lettuce mix or los more vegetable or nuts friend incorporate, los more vitamins y beneficial properties los salad will certainly have.

Are friend looking for a refreshing dish the is rich in antioxidants, helps control blood cholesterol and also purifies her body? then include a salad with ham like ns one us propose at Enrique Tomás y enjoy all its benefits.

What better is Jamón Ibérico or Jamón Serrano?

Would you like to turn this dish into an Iberian ham salad? This recipe is sobre steis with both Serrano ham and Iberian ham, although the choice will count on ns flavour you desire to obtain.

The main difference in between Iberian y Serrano ham is that both come from different animals. Unequal Serrano ham, Iberian ham is made desde Iberian pigs

The Iberian pig is an flora y fauna of the porcine breed, the name ..., ns darker-skinned breed that has ns peculiarity that infiltrating fat into the muscle.

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These room fattened in liberty in the dehesa for ns last 4 months of their lives, extensive forests with uno very particular geography, vegetation y climate that room only discovered in nations like Spain y Portugal.

Thanks come their diet based upon acorns, fragrant herbs, natural grass and daily exercise, it is possible to attain that distinctive flavour that characterises ns piece the Iberian ham.

On ns other hand, Serrano ham comes desde white-bred pigs, which perform not infiltrate fat and, return its taste y quality is additionally excellent, it does no have ns juiciness, texture or aroma the Iberian hams

Ham is just one of the estrella products of ns Spanish gastronomy, a... Y ham shoulders.

And sliced or diced (ham cubes) or ham shavings?


This is undoubtedly one of los most frequently asked questions, although ns answer will depend, as always, on the taste and texture you desire to give your salad.

If you choose to enjoy a salad con more intensity in los taste and textures of the ham, we imply you buy sliced ham, as well as you will certainly be giving a more gourmet touch to her dish.

However, if friend prefer a quick and simple cut, the is far better to usar Iberian ham in cubes, although this means you will certainly not have the ability to appreciate ns nuances of ns ham. Store in psychic that ns use of ham cubes is an ext common in stews, casseroles and sauces, however it all counts on the tastes of the cook y his guests. Also ham shavings

Chip is a thin sheet obtained with wood or metalworking tool..., are un good choice if you want to mix better ns ham within ns salad. (see photo below)



For ns salad:

– trescientos g salad mix (rocket, lamb’s lettuce y endive) or romaine lettuce– doscientos gr. That Serrano ham or Iberian ham– treinta gr. Of walnuts– 30 gr. Of pine nuts– 80 gr. Of sweet corn (optional)– 1 yellow pepper

For los vinaigrette:

– ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil– tres tablespoons balsamic vinegar– uno teaspoon of chopped parsley– ½ garlic clove– black color pepper to taste– salt to taste

The ham salad recipe step by step

You will start by washing the salad. Immerse that in a llave of cold water with un dash the white vinegar.After uno few minutes, drain ns leaves with the help of uno sieve and cover them with cold water until it is hora to use them. This will save them crisp.Then toast ns pine nuts y walnuts. Línea a tray with vegetable paper, spread out them fuera on it and brown lock in ns oven in ~ 180° for 10 minutes. Delaware this time, take it them out y let them remainder to cool down.Wash ns pepper well, remove ns stalk, veins y seeds, and cut that into little squares.If you space going to use los ham in cubes, you will not have to cut it, return if girlfriend have determined on los sliced ham, you will have to slice it ns little.To make the vinaigrette, peel the clove that garlic and cut it into small dice. Pour ns ingredients into ns glass of the blender and blend until you get un homogeneous mixture.Before serving, remember come drain los lettuce until it is very dry. Then, location it in a large bowl y mix it together with ns pepper, nuts, corn, vinaigrette. Add los cheese in ~ the fin so the it does not break.

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And it would certainly be all set to eat by now! we hope you enjoy this Serrano ham salad that we recommend at Enrique Tomás.

Remember to usar top high quality products y buy Iberian hams like the ones we market in ours shops so the they are lot tastier. Enjoy!