¡SURF THIS SUMMER 2021!Join our navegar Program, construct your style y technique come get the most el fin of every wave. Notice los results desde the beginning!. Our surf programs space designed so you deserve to train your navegar level every week with lessons adjusted to your level with a trainer that will overview you v your learning process to get ns best results.

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Sign up because that our navegar school in Valencia y practice Surf and Surf ice scating freely y daily. Enter and find out about our programs.


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Find el fin about ours kitesurfing process in Valencia. Initiation kitesurfing course (3 hours) and full courses (12 hours)

The School

Your navegar School is situated in La Marina ese Valencia. Girlfriend can acquire here by bus or mezzeritsch or come in your bike/car and you will certainly get cost-free parking uno few meters away from the school.


The surf School in Valencia provides you good attractions throughout los year to practice this exciting water sport. You have the right to enjoy a series of continuous classes that various species of surfing.

Surf, paddle surf, surf-skate y kitesurf are ns sports that you can learn con professionals in los aquatic area. Select the deporte activity that you like los most and practice con expert teacher in the surf course in Valencia.

The surf School in Valencia is located in ns heart of ns city. Discover it in los Marina the Valencia uno short distance from the beach. You will certainly have ns facility to perform transportation by bus y metro. If girlfriend have ns bicycle, friend will reap ample complimentary parking.

Surf food in Valencia fantastic option for ns practice the this sport

Surfing is a challenging deportes that must be practiced with professionals with extensive experience. Friend will find in the surf course in Valencia the opportunity to it is in in contact con the naturalmente elements y nourish yourself con their energy when practicing this exercise.

Select ns type that surfing the you like los most y that suits your physical conditions. Ns previous professional advice will indicate which is the type of aquatic practice that you have the right to practice more easily.

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You can call the navegar School in Valencia by call or Whatsapp at the following number: 34664068389. This college is located at Suplife Valencia Carrer Marina verdadero Juan carlos I, 46024 Valencia.

Visit los marine facilities y get advice from expert professionals in water sports. You have the right to enjoy terrific adventure and educate you yourself comfortably in ns practice of surfing y its different modalities.

Surfing permits you to totally enjoy maritime nature

The hrs of the practices pertinent to the classes will be based on previously stipulated hours. A national surf instructor instructor will certainly be in charge of training girlfriend in surfing.

The exercises applied by the coach will certainly be adapted to los level of every practitioner. Un previous physical review will indicate ns physical problems of los student. The trainings enjoy totalmente security.

Among ns types that aquatic exercises that you deserve to practice in the surf course in Valencia are the following:

Surfing: This water deportes consists of holding onto ns professional board to execute maneuvers and turns on los waves of los sea. This mesa is conditioned for ns execution of this sport. The practice the this exercise is based on ns power of ns waves. The speed with which the waves move gastos generales the sea propels the board allowing the practitioner come slide with force above the waves. Los use of the tablón for surfing has uno specialized technique. Ns practitioner have to be trained by experienced professionals in los aquatic area in stimulate to learn to ride on peak of ns waves and move in a safe y challenging way. Ns techniques learned in the navegar course in Valencia will permit you to practice this deporte in uno safe way. Los enjoyment of that through the practice the surfing will assist you come immerse yourself with the natural elements. The sea is a powerful generator the energies, its communication allows los practitioner to completely enjoy the benefits of the sea. Find fuera de about los bonuses, courses y training offered in this aquatic modality. Los classes will be adjusted according to ns level of every participant

Paddle Surf: This deporte is popularly recognized as paddle surfing or paddle surfing. This type of water on slide allows los practitioner to on slide on the board with un paddle, if standing. The impulse of the organism helps los sliding of the board, thus allowing los body come be exercised in un comprehensive manner. Professional professionals in the area the ​​water sports space at your entire disposal come teach you the most suitable techniques for los practice the this aquatic modality. This deportes allows ns practice of different modalities. Escape on ns needs of ns practitioner. Among the different modalities are: Wave, Crossing, Race. River, Yoga / Fitness, Polo, Adapted, floor Sup, huge Sup, sup Dog, sup Fishing. You will be able to find out at ns school about los relevant bonuses, courses y training, adapted to los level of every student. You will have los opportunity to learn this sport while visiting caves and coves con crystal clear waters.

Surf Skate: that is a sport that has los purpose the using ns asphalt as uno place come train. Ns front axle permits through uno special torsion come reproduce the movements that us execute when we walk up ns waves of the sea. The advantage of this deportes is the it is intended to captura the waves in un more controlled way than is usually done on ns beach. Skilled professionals from the navegar School in Valencia will certainly teach you con this modality come overcome los fear the facing the waves of ns sea. Los main objective of this deporte is to achieve ns perfection of surfing to accomplish an execution of it in ns clean y impeccable way on ns waves of the sea. This modality allows los training that safe and controlled practitioners.

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Kitesurfing: This deporte is likewise called kitesurfing or flysurfing y allows the practitioner to move on a board, through the use of un traction kite, which holds los athlete and pulls that along 4 lines. Dos of these lines are resolved to los address table. Los remaining two or three ocurrir through the centrar of los bar, fastening to ns body through a harness, hence achieving slide on ns water. The board or water ski performs los necessary maneuvers to be transported in los water. Experienced professionals in water sporting activities will be in fee of training you to exercise this exciting sport. The surf School in Valencia has los necessary framework for ns development and practice that surfing and its various modalities safely. A large coporación, grupo of skilled professionals will certainly train you so the you have the right to safely move on the board y in ns sea. Friend will be able to participate in initiation courses in pairs privately. Ns courses are given in Valencia and Mareny Blau (Swedish).