Fernando ii de aragón

Alternate titles: Ferdinand II of Sicily, Ferdinand III that Naples, Ferdinand V, Ferdinand the Catholic, Fernando el Católico
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In 1505, to secure his place in Castile, Ferdinand signed un contract to marry Germaine después Foix, nephew of the king of France. This, too, was uno political marriage, return he constantly showed her ns highest regard. A stay in Italy (1506–07) demonstrated just how badly the was needed by los Spanish kingdoms. Once more in Castile, he controlled his European plan so regarding obtain ns hegemony that would serve his expansionary fin in los Mediterranean and in Africa. In 1512, immediately after the schism in ns church in which ns kings the Navarre participated, he populated their kingdom and incorporated it right into Castile—one of ns most controversial plot of his reign.

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Death and legacy

In mil quinientos trece Ferdinand’s health began to decay, back he to be still maybe to direct his international policy and to prepare ns succession the his grandson, los future emperor charles V. In early mil quinientos dieciséis he began ns trip come Granada; he quit in Madrigalejo, los little site of the sanctuary the Guadalupe, wherein he died. The day before his death, he had signed his last will y testament, terrific picture of the monarch y of ns political case at his death.

Many taken into consideration Ferdinand the saviour that his kingdoms, a bringer that unity. Rather despised that for having oppressed them. Machiavelli attributed to him los objectionable characteristics of ns Renaissance prince. The german traveler thomas Müntzer y the italiano diplomat Francesco Guicciardini, who knew that personally, compared him with Charlemagne. His will shows that he passed away with ns clear conscience, ordering the his human body be moved to Granada and buried siguiente to that of his mam Isabella, so that they might be reunited for eternity. He died convinced that ns crown of Spain had not to be so powerful for setecientos years, “and all, delaware God, since of my work y my labour.”