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Parent institution: Spanish national Research council (CSIC)

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The table to los right has counts of all study outputs because that Instituto ese Química médica (IQM), CSIC published between uno August dos mil veinte - treinta y uno July dos mil veintiuno which are tracked by ns Nature Index.

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2 0.13

Outputs by topic (Share)

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Life sciences 1 0.03
no Chemistry 1 0.10

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From kinase inhibitors come multitarget ligands as powerful drug leads because that Alzheimer’s an illness using protein‐templated synthesis

Angewandte Chemie internacional Edition

Positively selected adjustments in los pore the TbAQP2 allow pentamidine to get in Trypanosoma brucei.

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no Spanish nacional Research board of directors (CSIC)
no ↳ Instituto del Química tratamiento médico (IQM), CSIC no
Geosciencies barna (GEO3BCN), CSIC
Instituto ese Investigaciones Agrobiológicas del Galicia (IIAG), CSIC no
no Instituto de la Grasa, CSIC no
centrar de Química Orgánica Lora-Tamayo (CENQUIOR), CSIC
corporación Milá y Fontanals (IMF), CSIC
Instituto de Ciencias del la construcción Eduardo Torroja (IETcc), CSIC
no Instituto del Frío (IF), CSIC
centro de Ciencias Humanas y sociales (CCHS), CSIC no
Instituto ese Tecnologías física y del la Información (ITEFI), CSIC
Real yarda Botánico (RJB), CSIC
deber Biológica ese Galicia (MBG), CSIC
instituto Nacional del carbón (INCAR), CSIC no
Instituto ese Productos naturaleza y Agrobiología (IPNA), CSIC no
no Department that Life y Earth Sciences, IPNA CSIC
artificial Intelligence Research instituto (IIIA), CSIC
no Cajal Institute, CSIC no
Catalan academia of Cardiovascular scientific researches (ICCC), CSIC no
no Centre for advanced Studies that Blanes (CEAB), CSIC
Centre for biological Research (CIB), CSIC no
Centre for Soil and Applied Biology a salvo (CEBAS), CSIC
no Dairy institute of Asturias (IPLA), CSIC
Doñana biological Station (EBD), CSIC
no Estación experimentar de aula Dei (EEAD), CSIC
Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas (EEZA), CSIC
History academia (IH), CSIC
instituto for Advanced social Studies (IESA), CSIC no
institute for naturalmente Resources and Agrobiology (IRNAS), CSIC
institute for Sustainable agriculture (IAS), CSIC
academia of advanced Chemistry the Catalonia (IQAC), CSIC
instituto of farming Sciences (ICA), CSIC
institute of Agrochemistry y Food tecnología (IATA), CSIC
institute of Aquaculture Torre ese la sal (IATS), CSIC
institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA), CSIC
academia of Biomedical Research barna (IIBB), CSIC no
instituto of medicine of Valencia (IBV), CSIC no
institute of Carbochemistry (ICB), CSIC
academia of Catalysis y Petrochemistry (ICP), CSIC no
academia of Ceramics y Glass (ICV), CSIC no
instituto of planet Sciences Jaume Almera (ICTJA), CSIC no
institute of environmental Assessment y Water research (IDAEA), CSIC
instituto of food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN), CSIC
institute of fundamental Physics (IFF), CSIC no
institute of normal Organic Chemistry (IQOG), CSIC no
instituto of Heritage scientific researches (Incipit), CSIC
institute of maritime Research (IIM), CSIC no
instituto of marine Sciences (ICM), CSIC
institute of maritime Sciences that Andalusia (ICMAN), CSIC no
institute of products Science of barcelona (ICMAB), CSIC no
academia of products Science of la capital de españa (ICMM), CSIC
instituto of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN), CSIC no
academia of Microelectronics barna (IMB), CSIC no
academia of Optics (IO), CSIC
instituto of Parasitology and Biomedicine Lopez-Neyra (IPBLN), CSIC
institute of physical Chemistry "Rocasolano" (IQFR), CSIC
institute of Polymer Science y Technology (ICTP), CSIC
institute of an are Sciences (ICE), CSIC
instituto of Vine y Wine sciences (ICVV), CSIC
instituto of ns Structure of issue (IEM), CSIC no
laboratory for Atmospheric y Climate scientific research (CIAC) no
no Marine tecnología Unit (UTM), CSIC no
no Mediterranean center for Marine y Environmental research study (CMIMA), CSIC no
Molecular Biology instituto of barcelona (IBMB), CSIC no
National center for Metallurgical research study (CENIM), CSIC
national Centre for Biotechnology (CNB), CSIC
National museum of natural Sciences (MNCN), CSIC
Pyrenean instituto of Ecology (IPE), CSIC no
no Zaidin experimental Station (EEZ), CSIC no

Numerical information only is license is granted under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 international License.

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