The vagina is a flexibilizó tube the joins los uterus to los vulva. Vaginas vary amongst individuals in color, size, and shape.

Getting to know what ns inside of a vagina look at like and what is generalmente for each distinta can help people feeling more familia with their body. It can likewise help with identifying abnormal changes.

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Here, we look at the anatomy of the vagina and how come do a self-exam. We also discuss symptoms that deserve to indicate un health worry with ns vagina and explain when to see ns doctor.

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The vagina is an elastic tube that connects ns uterus y cervix to los vulva. Ns vagina is about 3 inches long.

The form of uno vagina can vary desde person to person. Part vaginas are oval choose an egg, if others have the right to be more cylindrical.

The opening of ns vagina is between ns urethra, through which pee leaves ns body, and the anus.

The vaginal opening is where blood leaves los body during menstruation, ns penis start during sexualmente intercourse, y a baby leaves ns body throughout birth.

The hymen is uno thin layer of organization that surrounds and partially covers ns vaginal opening. Sexo intercourse or exercise can stretch or tear it.

The cervix connects ns uterus to the vagina. Un small hole in los cervix enables menstrual blood y sperm to aprobar through. During childbirth, los cervix dilates.

The vagina expands through arousal y sexual stimulation. During sexualmente arousal, ns uterus y cervix lift upward, elongating the vagina. World refer to this procedure as tenting.

The Bartholin’s glands are on either side of los vaginal opening. World cannot normally see or feeling these glands. During arousal, los glands release fluid that lubricates the vagina.

The Gräfenberg spot, or G spot, sits ns few costumbres inside ns vagina at ns front. During arousal, ns G spot swells.

The area mostrar claramente externally, los vulva, is what many civilization refer to as los vagina. However, ns only component of los vagina mostrar claramente outside of los body is ns vaginal opening. Los vulva includes los labia minora and majora, or ns “lips,” i beg your pardon protect ns vaginal opening. Learn much more about ns vulva here.

A person have the right to carry fuera a self-exam of their vagina to check for any unusual alters that may indicate uno health issue. Self-exams are valuable alongside regular gynecologist pelvic examinations y cervical screening.

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People can carry fuera a self-exam of their vagina when they space not menstruating. For un self-exam, they will certainly need:

a handheld mirrora small brillante or torchpillows, because that comfort

People can carry out a self-exam by complying with these steps:

Wash the hands with soap y water.Remove clothing from below ns waist.Lean against ns wall or pillows come support ns body.Bend los knees, keeping both feet level on los floor and the legs lejos apart.Hold ns mirror and light in prior of the vagina.Use one hand come spread ns opening of los vagina.Place a finger inside los vagina and gently feel ns walls of the vagina, which will certainly feel raza to ns roof of the mouth.Feel for any type of lumps, bumps, or raised locations that might be sores or unexplained growths.To feeling for the cervix, that may assist to relocate to uno squatting position.Gently insert ns finger deeper into los vagina come feel los cervix, which might feel similar to ns tip of ns nose.

Vaginal discharge can change slightly in consistency and color during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. Healthy and balanced discharge is commonly clear to white or pale yellow, y it deserve to have a mild odor.

If ns person notices any far-ranging change in their vaginal discharge, this could indicate an underlying issue. The distinta can watch their physician for a checkup y report any kind of other symptoms.

A selection of problems can affect ns vagina y how the looks y feels inside. Signs and symptoms of conditions affecting the vagina may incorporate unusual discharge, pain, or visible changes.

Here are some health problems that may affect ns inside of ns vagina:


Vaginitis is an inflammation or wake up of ns vulva or vagina. Over there are plenty of causes, including sexual activity, reduced estrogen levels, or douching. Symptom of vaginitis include:

a red, itchy, or ill vulva or vaginaan itching or burn sensation in los vagina or vulvapain during sexfrequent or stinging urinationabnormal discharge


Vaginismus is a sudden tightening of ns muscles surrounding the vagina the occurs when uno person tries to insert something right into it. Vaginismus is an automatic response of los body over which ns person has no control.

Symptoms include:

trouble inserting ns tampon into the vaginadifficulty with vaginal penetrationa burning sensation or stinging pain during sex

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexuallytransfer infections (STIs) can cause symptoms in and around the vagina. Numerous of these STIs may show up without noticeable symptoms, or they may seem ir a buscar to other conditions, such as vaginal infections.

Due to ns overlap in symptoms in between different STIs, that is not usually possible to diagnose one based on the symptoms alone. Therefore, anyone who experiences symptom in this component of the body should visit ns healthcare experto to undergo diagnostic tests.

Some STIs that impact vaginal health include:

Genital warts

Symptoms the genital warts include:

a little collection of flesh-colored bumps around los genitals or inside the vagina, which might have ns cauliflower-like texturebumps around los mouth y lipsan itching and burning sensation or discomfortTrichomoniasis

If world have trichomoniasis, they may experience:

foamy, yellow-green dischargefoul smell dischargespots that blood in los dischargediscomfort when urinatingitching, redness, or burn around los genitalsGonorrhea

Gonorrhea shares symptoms con vaginal infections. Although some people with this STI will not experience any kind of symptoms, those who do might notice:

a burn sensation or pain once urinatingan increase in vaginal dischargebleeding between periodspainful bowel movementsitching or soreness around los genitals Chlamydia

Chlamydia does no always produce symptoms, however when that does, these may include:

abnormal dischargeburning sensation once urinatingpain in the rectumbleeding between periods

Vaginal infections

An overgrowth of yeast and bacteria in los vagina can cause infections, including:


Symptoms of un vaginal epidemic include:

gray, green, or yellow dischargea burning or stinging sensation as soon as urinatingpain or bleeding throughout sexswelling, pain, or redness of los vaginaitching emotion of the vaginaunusual or foul smelling quality odorodorless discharge the resembles head cheese

Vaginal cancer

Vaginal cancer can cause symptoms if it diffusion deeper into los walls of ns vagina or los surrounding areas. Symptoms include:

vaginal bleeding after sexabnormal dischargefeeling a lump in the vaginapainful sexpain once urinatingpain in ns pelvis, lower abdomen, or backconstipationswelling in the legs

In some cases, un person may have vulvar cancer, i m sorry can likewise cause painful sexualmente intercourse, bleeding, and pain, amongst other symptoms. However, both of this cancers are rare.

Vaginal prolapse

Vaginal prolapse wake up when the uterus, bladder, or bowel descends into the vagina. Vaginal prolapse can occur as ns result that pregnancy, childbirth, or an existing medical condition.

Higher stages of prolapse can cause symptoms, i m sorry include:

a lump inside or protruding from the vaginaa heavy or dragging sensation in ns vaginaaching pain in los pelvis or backa constant need to urinate or difficulty urinatingrecurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

The vagina is an elastic tube that connects the uterus y cervix to los vulva. Los shape, size, y color of los vagina can vary amongst individuals.

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Anyone who notices any kind of unusual symptoms, such together growths, in or approximately their vagina have to see their physician or gynecologist for a checkup. Indications of a health concern may include:

discharge with an inexplicable color, such together green, gray, or dark yellow dischargedischarge con a foul smelling odorfoamy dischargelumps or bumps inside the vaginapain when urinating or throughout sex

People can also carry el fin a self-exam of your vagina to inspect for any unusual alters or growths. However, self-exams must not replace regular pelvic examinations with un healthcare professional.