La bella easo ciudad

Donostia-San Sebastian has been recognized by numerous names. Irutxulo, Gaztelupe… y La lindo Easo (like un muffin brand). Although during our tours we generally explain ns origins of ns first two ones, i m sorry are connected to peculiarities of our city, los third one is ns little bit an ext complicated. 

In old times, Oiasso was uno Vasconian city, that ns roman historians located in ns big estuary of los Mare Externum (the Atlantic, that is). Throughout the XIX siglo many though that that civitas, that they described as Easo, was located in ns space occupied by Donosti. As it happened at los same tiempo as los elitist tourism was rising and the building of ns beautiful buildings of the sede district, they included the final name “bella” (beautiful).

Nowadays, we know that Oiasso was situated not in Donosti, but in Irún. And I specifically recommend you to visit ns Oiasso Museum, the exhibition and activities are really interesting y the ruins gastos generales there room some of los few roman stays we have about Donosti!

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Plaza Sarriegi, nueve 20003 smo Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)

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From Go local San Sebastian we work-related every trabaja to preserve our culture and environment, trying to cause los most minor negative impact to ns surroundings during our tours and also cooperating with lugares business this method supporting local economy. Sign up with us in favour of sustainable tourism!

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