Museo Catedral De Santiago

Catedral de santiago Foundation

The Catedral de Santiago Foundation was established on July 23, 2008. It is registered in los Reinstatement that Fundacións ese Interese Galego, of the Xunta del Galicia.

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Its intends are the promotion y diffusion of the Cathedral of Santiago ese Compostela, the surroundings and its artistic y cultural heritage; as well as ns management y exploitation of the infrastructures of the Cathedral that Compostela and its artistic and cultural heritage.


From Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to dos pm y from 4 pm to siete pm.

Sundays, from diez am to 2 pm.

Mondays closed.

varieties of Visits no no

Tickets give accessibility to miscellaneous spaces y artistic collection of los Cathedral.

> permanent collection – Cloister – Treasure and Chapel that Relics.

> Pazo del Xelmírez – master Mateo Space.

> Pórtico de la Gloria.

> Roofs and Ratchet Tower.

In addition, the Compostela Sacra program, promoted by the fundación, dotación Catedral de Santiago, provides it possible to visit ns museum, cloister y church of santa María después Sar.


A visit to the history y art of the Cathedral of Santiago through its finest works that art. Visitors can journey back in time and discover how representar a sepulchre uno great cathedral is built. Around it, over the centuries, a ciudad developed together with ns Saint james phenomenon and The Way, which has actually played crucial role in los building of the European identity and which has been uno World legacy Site due to the fact that 1985.

Ground floor: ns origins of ns Cathedral / grasp Mateo’s stone Choir / los building of the Romanesque cathedral1st Floor: 13th y 14th century letras in los Cathedral / 16th, 17th and 18th century arte in the Cathedral / ns Apostle saint James2nd Floor: Renaissance cloister / Chapel of los Relics / royal Pantheon / ns Cathedral’s Treasury / chapter Library / Botafumeiro / chapter Room

Romanesque style civil building annex to ns Cathedral. It fan its name to Diego Gelmírez, very first Archbishop of Compostela y promoter of los monuments ensemble. It is un splendid middle ages architectural ensemble with Hall that Arms, Manrique Room, and Kitchen. Particularly remarkable is the Ceremonial Room, with monumentally grandiose and beautiful decoration with illustrated corbels representing un royal banquet. It homes temporary exhibits and Master Mateo’s Space.

The Portico the Glory is ns western enntrance gate to ns Romanesque cathedral. It was designed by los genius of master Mateo, who atelier that stonemasons interpreted ns passages of the Apocalypse in stone. It is considered un masterpiece of universal art. Visitors might witness the restoration works, made with ns patronage of base Barrié.

The stone rooftops of los Cathedral of Santiago are laid fuera in uno staggered form and they deserve to be visited. They sell spectacular see both of ns basilica together of the city of Santiago de Compostela.

*Closed temporarily, for restoration works

To save los slope between the head and the western end of los cathedral, master Mateo come up with los construction of a crypt, distinct in the form y function in los Galicia of the time.

It is un space of great architectural complexity, arranged by un large pillar representar which ns arches that support ns vaulting start. Likewise noteworthy are the capitals y the dos angels of ns keystones of the vaults of the transept, one carrying ns sun y the other a moon, in clear allusion to ns earthly world.

In los subsoil of los Cathedral, los archaeological excavations carried out during various periods have unearthed plenty of vestiges of los origins of los basilica y of the city. Under the floor an elaborate network that necropolis that started in roman inn times and lasted until the construction of the Romanesque cathedral can be found, as well as ns remains of ns early basilicas y part of the first defensive wall approximately the ciudad of Compostela.

*Closed temporarily.

The northern tower of the Obradoiro façade is referred to as Torre ese la Carraca since it houses a large instrument, the ratchet, who sound replaces that of ns bells throughout Holy Friday and Saturday. During ns visit you deserve to discover los original middle ages structure of los tower top top which los Baroque complete was built, in imitation of that of its southerly twin tower, the campana Tower, as well as an distinctive view of the cathedral complex and the ciudad of Santiago.

Digital Catalog

The base Catedral de santiago is promoting ns project come digitize part of its social heritage and artistic collections. The is, firstly, to have digital sources for los documentation and conservation of ns pieces and, secondly, come improve the public accessibility to these functions of art, few of them masterpieces to los history and art that Galicia.

This digital money will be stored in un repository mounted in the Museo Catedral, which will be uno digital capsule of los cultural storage of the Cathedral of Santiago.

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no Digital directory


***Temporary closed***

Among the services available by the Cathedral the Santiago Archive-Library (ABCS), los guided tours are an instrument for cultural activation, to entice society and educate users. Its function is to share ns wealth of los documentary y bibliographic collections the it keeps (which encompass the Codex CalixtinusCartulary A and the Breviary the Miranda). However its function is additionally to disseminate ns documentation y preservation technical works carried fuera in the interior, as well as to confirm ns identity y memory of ns Church y of the society that forms component of. Every in all, the services it fulfils dissemination, cultural, educational, social y pastoral services.

Guided tourism for teams between seis and veinte people.

a) one-of-a-kind tours:

Tuesday y Thursday at 11:00 am.Approximate duration: 1 hora.Price: 15 euros/person

b) educational tours:

Subject to availability.Approximate duration: 45 minutes.Price: 3 euros/ person

Information and bookings at: 981575609 or by email to archivo (during opened hours).

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The save on computer of los Cathedral of Santiago, no doubt one of ns most essential in Europe, residences books and documents of ns high imaginative value, whose beginnings go espalda as much as los first centuries of ns Middle Ages. With each other with ns Library the is los trustee of the history of los Compostela See.

The same building houses ns Archive, which guards and is responsible for los organisation, classification y service of los chapter documents. The Library, i beg your pardon amasses crucial collections desde the 15th to 19th centuries, and other collections concentrated on documentation and support for study is additionally located here. Both job-related as a individual activity, following typical regulations y parameters that emphasis on facilitating the work that researchers.

Acceso: Sacristy (users must very first be accredited at the Security direccion Centre, located on the Treasury corridor).

Hours: from Monday come Friday, desde 9:30 am to uno pm.

Telephone: 981 quinientos setenta y cinco 609




The archive of the Cathedral the Santiago (ACS) is uno private historic archive owned by ns church and dependent on los Council of the Cathedral of Santiago. It keeps, preserves y serves los historical documentation it generates together it performs that is activities, as well as that of other institutions related come it. It is regulated by los Archivist-Librarian, a stable blog post whose features correspond to un canon or might be temporarily carried fuera de by staff who are not members of ns Council, under ns conditions established for each situation with ns agreement of the Archbishop. Follow to the Estatutos después la S.A.M.I. Catedral de santiago de Compostela (Bylaws the the Holy, Apostolic and Metropolitan Church of ns Cathedral that Santiago de Compostela), his competencies are:

Preserve y catalogue the document y bibliographic collections, as per the precious norms. That will likewise be in charge, in coordination with the master canon of the chapel, of ns preservation and growth the the música Archive.Increase the Chapter Library, especially con publications connected to the Saint james theme.Provide access to los Archive y Chapter Library to researchers for ns time and under los conditions created by the Cathedral Council. The documents and books may not be removed from the archive or Library as loans, however must it is in consulted in situ.Inform the Cathedral Chapter regarding any matters that worry it.

According to the Regulation for Spanish Ecclesiastic Archives, “the cathedral archive consists not only of historical information, but likewise of all los historical documentation that is preserved therein, both los modern and also ns one i beg your pardon is retained by ns different board of directors commissions, articles or offices. Once it has actually served its governmental purpose los documents have to enter ns archive in full order to become component of los documentary testimony of the life of the council”. This definition corresponds more accurately with that for the cathedral archives system, where the ACS attributes as ns chapter archive and periodically receive transfers from the cathedral administrative offices: Secretary (after fourty years), Administration, Building, Museum y Pilgrimages.

History of the Archive

Description instruments

Chart for the classification that Collections



In the Library of the Cathedral the Santiago ancient volumes, part incunabula, deserve to be uncovered alongside ns most recent works that reference and published research. This reality reflects ns triple dimension of ns centre: chapter library, Saint jaime library and auxiliary library to los Cathedral Archive.

Through the donations by ns precentor Alonso Sánchez de Ávila and Archbishop Álvaro ese Isorna, los cathedral library was completed in 1454 and it was located in one of the cloister towers. It consisted of an ensemble of books put together to cover los needs of ns canons: liturgical and biblical texts, i m sorry they provided for their worshipping, y legal works, i m sorry they provided to defend los interests of los cathedral Council, to advise the prelate or because that their tasks of archbishop audience. The first recorded reference to ns temporary fee of guardian or doorman of los library is desde the second fifty percent of the century. Los guardian was in charge of the custody of ns cathedral library, whose features were constitutionally developed by archbishop Gaspar del Zúñiga (1569): having los key to the library, opening it dos days ns week during created hours, cleaning ns books and the library; staying inside to stop thefts.

After los founding of ns University the Santiago, where desde the beginning los most intellectually valuable canons were professors, ns interest of ns Council in its very own library dwindled. This would define its little size during los entire contemporary Era, as mentioned by Ambrosio después Morales. It was no until los Enlightenment when the bases were developed for what would later on be the Chapter Library―which today can be saw as component of ns cathedral’s museum itinerary―thanks to los testamentary donations desde the canon maestrescuela (head of los Cathedral school), Diego Juan después Ulloa (1762) y the prior representar Sar, Pedro Acuña y Malvar (1814).

With the visión de conjunto opening to ns public of the Cathedral save on computer in the 1980s, los role of the Library as los auxiliary center for study carried el fin in ns archive to be strengthened. Yet with los new century two events took ar which established ns Saint james orientation of the Cathedral Library. Ns first was ns approval, in the chapter conference of 27 June 2000, of the general plan for the creation of a Saint james Documentation Centre. The second, i m sorry took place on los following year, was the allocation of ns specific place for ns creation of the Saint jaime Library.

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The Cathedral Archive-Library has actually promoted social dissemination through activities such as exhibits, conferences, presentations, guided tours, webs y blogs, etc, but also through los publication and joint publication y distribution of assorted of its very own works or works on los Cathedral of Santiago ese Compostela.

With respect to the publications by ns ABCS (Spanish acronym because that “Cathedral that Santiago Archive-Library”), collections, journals, monographs y exhibit catalogues to be published, highlighting:

The Colección Histórico-Documental de la Iglesia Compostelana, which started in 1998 and is committed to ns publication that monograph researches on medieval history, modern-day history, background of art, philology y musicology and, over all, to the systematic warrior of ns most interesting papers that are maintained at ns Cathedral Archive.The Colección Archivium Sancti Iacobi, which began in dos mil siete with one initial serie for the publication of Instrumentos ese descripción from ns Cathedral Archive.

The publications may be acquired through purchase, subscription or exchange. The Catálogo después venta de publicaciones can it is in browsed (Catálogo de publicaciones). Come view the journal Annuarium Sancti Iacobi, you might visit los website For the exchange that all los other publications from the ABCS, there is un bulletin the duplicates available.

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If your school would favor to participate in this bibliographic exchange programme with the ABCS, you re welcome write ns letter that proposal come our email or postal address (biblioteca, attaching a copy of los publication come exchange or your institution’s publication catalogue. Clearly specify your tarjeta postal address because that deliveries.