Naviera Armas Tenerife Las Palmas

General Info

Naviera armadura is uno Spanish ferry company and is one of ns oldest service providers in Spain because it was founded in 1941. Now, it is in collaboration with Trasmediterranea, aiming in ~ the universal service of the coastal demands of Spain.

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Naviera armadura ferry routes

Naviera armamento operates ferry paths mainly among the Canary Islands (Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, etc), while the operates extr routes representar mainland Spain to Moroccan ports. Ferries depart from all the ports of los Canary Islands, with more 보다 40 ferry lines.

Some of the most extendido Naviera armadura ferry routes are:

Tenerife rápido Gran CanariaTenerife rápido La GomeraGran Canaria —apoyándose FuerteventuraFuerteventura - LanzaroteHuelva rápido Tenerife/Gran CanariaMotril -papposo Nador/Al Hoceima

The empresa operates on los Canary paths all year long. Generally, there are day-to-day crossings among los Canaries, if there are around dos weekly routes from Huelva come Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Additionally, los Andalusia - Morocco present are active seasonally and their frequency depends on the needs.

Naviera armas ships

The fleet that the sociedad consists of 15 ferries, conventional and speedboats. All the Naviera armadura ferries have actually modern facilities because that travelers, such as distinct cabins y garages for carrying vehicles. Indicative ferries of ns Naviera armadura fleet room Volcán después Tamadaba, Volcán ese Taburiente, Volcán de Teide, Volcán ese Tindaya, Volcán después Tagoro etc.

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Discounts & offers

The ferry sociedad Naviera armamento serves various species of tickets with special discounts for students, big families, permanent residents etc. Part of the most well-known discounts that Naviera armas has space for:

Young people under 26Passengers over 60Large familiesResidentsJoint booking con Loro parke ticket

Occasionally, Naviera armas promotes special offers to book ferry ticket at better prices. For example, there are diminished fares because that the gran Canaria rápido Tenerife y Fuerteventura —apoyándose Lanzarote ferry routes.

On you can discover all ns available offers y discounts because that Naviera armadura tickets and book los cheapest option.

Special amenities & facilities

Naviera armadura has extr facilities for people con disabilities such as cabins or wheelchairs, if it likewise has especially designed infrastructure for pets. Finally, the la empresa implements innovative ecological practices to reducir the eco-friendly burden y enhance sustainability.

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Here friend will discover all los ferry itineraries too as ns ferry relations of Naviera Armas. Compare prices representar Naviera Armas and all various other ferry companies and book los cheapest ferry tickets.