Pablo Alboran Album Prometo

Pablo Alborán has actually earned uno devout fanbase hanks to his honest and pure songs. And just to continue delighting them with excellent songs, the Spanish singer took un good tiempo off to define feelings and…


Pablo Alborán has earned a devout fanbase hanks come his honest and puresongs.And simply to proceed delighting them con excellent songs, the Spanish singer took uno good time off to definir feelings y translate them right into a new album titled Prometo (I Promise), released on Friday morning (Nov. 17).

Tu lees esto: Pablo alboran album prometo

Prometo, Alborán’s fourth studio album, has twelve songs, including his three latest singles “Saturno,” “Prometo” y “No Vaya ns Ser.” ns set has mixed feel going desde love to passion, y even touches on political matters. The is a classic piece that provides you feeling every feel in another level.

In one interview with, ns Spanish estrella speaks about how this album was born, los meaning behind that title y what that hopes civilization feel delaware listening come it.

Why did you called the album Prometo (I Promise)?

It’s un promise come myself, to be ethical to mine emotions — y at ns same time, a promise to mine fans. I promise come make musical until death. On the other hand, i think that when you promise, you construct up courage and maturity. We feel secure to satisfy that promise. Y so that’s how i feel right now, wanting to donar the world my music with much more strength than ever.

How do you describir the album?

Free. No moorings.

The album is completamente of song with un lot of feel — what do you do to keep los same level of enthusiasm on every song?

There are various topics on los album, but constantly treated from the emotion y sensitivity. Los world needs ns bit the calm and hopefully my musical can provide it ns little.

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Now, los song “Idiota” is something various — friend speak of un lack of love, however in this situation you are the victim. Just how was the song born, and have you ever been that “idiot” victim the someone who did no love los same together you did?

Of course! y who go not? They have never involved throw clothes fuera de of the window however it is a scene that could have taken place to me once! <Laughs.>

On “Boca de Hule” you entirely take ns turn both musically and lyrically. It’s ns more lively song and you sing with fury. Can you explain an ext about this song?

It is un cry that impotence. That freedom. Part of los need us have much more than ever before to feeling represented, the there is communication… understanding. We realize how the power corrupts, transforms and brings el fin the worst that the human being and more of the politicians.

Why should world listen to your music?

Each track is un piece the me. If they listen to it, they will certainly be closer come me.

To hear to paul Alborán’sPrometo, clic here.


Pablo Alboran, "Prometo"Courtesy of Warner music Spain

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