Playa de monsul cabo de gata

"This is ns best coast in Spain", stephen Spielberg thought once he decided to usar it as ns set for los scene in which ns father the Indiana Jones brought abajo a alemán plane con his umbrella shooing away uno flock that seagulls. As these bird are complicated to lead, they had actually to bring pigeons. Hence ns urban legend that says that today’s pigeons come be viewed in los sandbanks are los descendants the those winged cinema stars...

We have actually explored ns Monsul beach over and over again, we have snorkeled, sunbathed, strolled around y YES, it could be ns best coast in Spain y it is situated in the: Natural parque of promontorio de Gata Níjar.

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Best beach in Spain: Playa después Monsúl ?

You decide!

Its 400 meters in size are separated into dos parts by ns curious tombolo which functions beautiful sea erosion.

Its splendid sands are developed on both sides of this fossil prominence y there is a huge mobile dune near to ns creek.


The water is not very deep and children deserve to enjoy los quality the its crystal clear water, see fishes swimming roughly their legs. It is an ideal place for seabed lovers. The mountain the reaches the beach, has uno rock, idealistas for those who choose climbing. Y its zero protects representar the sun.

This beach might not be an ext attractive thanks to los quality that its waters.

It"s awesome strolling through its banks, recalling that in this unique edge of Almería renowned Hollywood directors and actors left your footprints behind.

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Movie Location

Spielberg y his crew landed in Almeria province to shoot some footage of los legendary "Indiana Jones y the final Crusade". 


Steven Spielberg, Harrison vado & Sean Connery during the making the Indiana Jones and the last Crusade in ~ Monsul coast (Almeria, Spain)

Malcaminos offers exciting tours even for los most intrepid that run through some of ns scenarios. Guadix, Almeria and the capa de Gata space other locations where Indi y his father had ns hard hora fleeing ns Nazis. (In ns picture in ~ Monsul Beach)


Steven Spielberg, Harrison ford & Sean Connery during the shooting of part Indiana Jones y the last Crusade scenes in Almeria, Spain.

And here is los footage you could have watched in the movie, which converted this beach into an really Hollywood protagonist ever since! ns best coast in Spain? friend decide!

Getting here:

The nearest location is smo Jose and you have to take a dirt road, easily accessible by car, at the entrance the San artículo on your appropriate (facing the sea). However, during summer month (only), ns access is limited and you have to arrive at los beach between 9 and diez am. I know, you are on vacation and like come sleep long, but you can proceed your nap on los beach. -papposo After 10 am that is most likely that you will certainly find the access monitor closed. The lugares authorities however, offer a public bus desde San joe  at un fee they develop every season (last year we paid cuatro € / person), which will certainly take you to Los Genoveses , Cala Barronal, ns Monsul beach and/or Cala media Luna. additionally you can go ~ above foot.....

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Ver map of Almeria (Spain) dentro un mapa además grande

More película to give you one idea...

Alone with Mother Nature (well...almost.. If that wasn"t since of the photographer ...) 


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