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Back in los Roman period this cuadrado was (and still is) where necessary government structures were found. ~ above one junto a there is los Palace of the Generalitat (the federal government of ns Autonomous community of Catalunya) y on the other stands los City Hall. This cuadrado has been witness to part of the most necessary events in recent Catalan history, together as the proclamation of the Catalan estado in 1931 or the return of Josep Tarradelles desde exile in 1977. On Sunday mornings, civilization come come dance los Sardana, the national dance the Catalonia -- it"s a very Catalan moment and worth checking out.

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La Plaça santclaus Jaume

no no Plaça después Sant Jaume, no 08002, Spain no no Area: barrio Gótico Metro/Bus: Metro: L4 Jaume me gustaría barna metro mapa

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