"We"ve simply handled it. Survive mode," Rachel Bilson claims of co-parenting daughter Briar rosa with Hayden Christensen



The duro of Dixie star, 39, freshly opened up about how she and her ex, 39, are elevating their daughter Briar Rose, 6, during ns pandemic. "Luckily dad is pretty hardcore con ," she stated on Monday's debut illustration of ns podcast Betches Moms.

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"But you have to trust each other y you space bubbled up," Bilson added, noting that Christensen has spent component of ns pandemic in his indigenous Canada.

"But it's additionally nice since she's had los opportunity to have another house to go y not be stuck in our casa the entire time so I'm thankful for that y we've simply handled it. Survival mode." 

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She y Christensen started dating after starring as romantic leader in the dos mil ocho sci-fi film Jumper. They invited their just child in October 2014, prior to calling it quits top top their relationship in September 2017.



Although ns couple has made an effort to store Briar fuera de of ns public eye, Bilson claims their daughter has caught the acting bug. "She's currently said she desires to act and I'm like, 'How execute we handle this?' " she said. "I think to keep that away from her as long as feasible is our optimal choice… It's no what identificación would want for her at this age."

Meanwhile, Briar is tho oblivious to she mom's 2nd life together Summer Roberts on The O.C. y dad's tenure together Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise.

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"I think she knows the her mom- — and her dad's an actor too — so she sort of knows the we are in the world," Bilson said. "But she's not aware of the level ... I think she knows he was in Star Wars, but she has cuales idea what that also means, since she hasn't watched anything. She has an idea but not really. I'd choose to keep it that way." 

Bilson said that she The O.C. personality probably prospered up come be uno good mom. As soon as asked if she'd rather parent Summer or permit Summer parent Briar, she said, "I would certainly rather have Summer parent my daughter because, through the fin of los show, she go like a 180, and I feel like she was sort of a responsible person. The was, like, a saturado arc. She'll know just how to hug a tree!" 

She and her former costar Melinda clark recently announced a podcast, aptly licensed has been granted Welcome To ns OC, B—! Premiering April 27, it will certainly consist of an ext than cien episodes, con guests choose costar Peter Gallagher and The O.C.

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creator josh Schwartz.


"It's just a really funny walk debajo memory lane," she raved of ns podcast. "It's good for me because I don't understand if I've actually ever seen the show. After identificación did it me gustaría didn't really reloj it, therefore it's kinda funny to walk back and watch your life dieciséis years ago… you're like, 'Holy s—, exactly how much has changed' y how crazy it was. I've seen ns first three so far y I'm like, 'This show's in reality pretty good!' "

As because that whether she'd be down for ns reunion, Bilson said, "I would be open to it, of course. I had actually such uno good experience and I'm so thankful for everything."

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