Restaurante el bola madrid

The taberna La cero is ns Spanish restaurant in Madrid which has been serving good Spanish food to locals and tourist in the capital for over a century. Come ensure lock serve the best, traditional cook of Madrid, this restaurant utilices historic recipes and top quality ingredients.

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The Restaurant


This historical tavern and restaurant has actually been about in Calle bola (Boule Street), just un stone"s throw away desde the Royal royal residence of Madrid, for over one hundred years. However ns building itself is much older. Up till 1802, the building had actually been supplied as ns liquor store and bar that largely served locals y students in the local area.

In 1870, the establishment was taken gastos generales by ns Verdasco household who revolutionized it into ns restaurant dubbed "La Rayúa". Follow to the newspapers at los time, ns restaurant served numero 3 types of enjoy the meal which were wanted by numero 3 unique groups. Workers and employees would eat over there at midday; students would eat in ~ one o"clock, while los meal at dos was the preferred food of journalists and politicians. One of los most popular dishes amongst all the classes in la capital española was los "cocido madrileño" i beg your pardon is ns kind the stew that is usual of the region the Madrid.

Since then, ns Taberna La Bola has actually been handed debajo over los generations of los Verdasco family y is currently correr by the sixth generation. The traditional cooking has additionally grown and improved thanks to ns century"s precious of practise and experience.

La Bola is un-missable con its corner location y bright neto walls. Inside ns restaurant is decorated in ns typical 19th siglo fashion con ample amounts of dark wood cladding, tiled floors y old wooden furniture. Ns walls space covered in antique paintings also as uno multitude of photos i m sorry depict moments from the restaurant y the Verdasco family"s long history. One of los tings to look out for in ns restaurant is ns selection of antique lights which hang representar the ceiling i beg your pardon provide ns room with a warm atmosphere.

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The Menu


The pub La cero in Madrid is famed for that is truly, really Spanish cuisine which has been improved to perfection many thanks to the large lot of time los restaurant has actually been cooking los same dishes. If girlfriend really desire to experience the best in Spanish comida from Madrid then this restaurant is certainly worth a trip once you visit Madrid.

The restaurant"s most celebrated dish was and still is ns "cocido madrileño" i beg your pardon is un stew make of vegetables, chorizo, various other meat and noodles amongst other ingredients. La Bola tries to keep their recipe together old-fashioned y authentic as feasible by cooking los stew in ns traditional way. This means that each distinta portion the stew is cook in its very own earthenware stew pot gastos generales a pequeño flame produced by an oak hardwood fire. Ns restaurant likewise makes usar of ns traditional earthenware crockery that is so common in Spain come serve several of their dishes y sauces.

Other an excellent dishes that can be discovered on ns main menu at ns Taberna La cero in Madrid encompass "chuletitas ese cordeo lechal" (Suckling lamb chops), "lomo del buey ns la plancha" (Grilled beef steak), and "Merluza del la casa" (House hake) i m sorry is hake served con egg, asparagus, peas y peppers. They also serve uno great range of Spanish desserts including a typical "flan al caramelo" (Caramel flan).

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Aside representar the main menu, this Spanish restaurant additionally offers ns selection of set menus for teams which room specifically design for huge groups and celebrations. Friend can additionally order ns set food selection of timeless Spanish sombrero which is perfect for sharing between friends y family.