Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iphone phone X: i m sorry is call is worth your cash?

The latest and best phones desde Samsung y Apple are now on shelves, yet which is best?

Samsung y Apple have actually had big years y even larger phones, with ns latest iPhones and Galaxy 8-series phones both doing battle in call shops across the world. But the new iPhone X has actually arrived to change the landscape when again, with its bezel-free design, uprated specs and cameras, and massive price tag.

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But i beg your pardon is best? Let’s cave into ns key differences between the two devices and see i m sorry one is los best right for your pocket y budget. We’ll upgrade this piece more once we finally get our manos on the iPhone X.

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iPhone XGalaxy S8
Screen5.8-inch OLED
5.8-inch súper AMOLED
Display2436×1125 (458ppi)
2960×1440 (570ppi)
Aspect ratio16:918.5:9
Rear camera12MP wide-angle, f/1.8, OIS | 12MP telephoto, f/2.4, OIS12MP, f/1.7, OIS
Front camera7MP f/2.28MP, f/f.7
ChipsetApple A11 Bionic
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895
BatteryNot stated3000mAh
Fingerprint scanner?NoYes
Face/Iris scanner?Yes/NoYes/Yes
Headphone jack?NoYes
Data portLightningUSB-C
Wireless charging?QiQi/PMA
MicroSD slot?NoSDXC

Galaxy S8 vs iphone X Design: What’s the difference?

The S8 y iPhone X space looking more ir a buscar than ever, many thanks to Apple’s push for ns smaller bezel roughly its screen. It’s un strong nuevo look because that Apple, however anybody who’s held ns Galaxy S7 sheet or even an LG G6 will certainly probably acquire some familia feelings. Did anybody say important Phone?

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The absence of a patria button is a punto of contention because that both phones, and each sociedad has dealt con it in uno different way. Apple has occurred a nuevo swipe-based navigation mechanism that allows you close apps by swiping up representar the bottom of los screen, and navigate between apps by swiping left y right. Ns Galaxy S8, meanwhile, has an invisible, pressure-sensitive patria button y a much more standard Android interface.

The verdadero design quirk of los iPhone X is ns small bump where the front cámara modules sit. It’s ns distinctive look. Approximately sides and back we’re feather at an ext glass with uno slight curve to do it much easier to hold.


Both phones feature 5.8-inch OLED screens; Samsung’s is a supervisor AMOLED. Samsung also beats to apologize to ns punch with ns higher resolution 2960×1440-pixel screen with uno pixel density of 570ppi, while los iPhone X gets a 2436×1125-pixel OLED with a 458ppi pixel density.


The iphone phone X is un thoroughly modern-looking design, y while it won’t surprise Android enthusiasm much, iPhone fans will watch this as uno welcome breath of fresh air.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is cursed to eliminating the left y right parts of los bezel con its Edge architecture that slopes off los screen leave almost no visible edge at all. It looks like un recipe for accidental finger swipe disasters, however we’ve had cuales such experience.

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Around the back of los S8 friend get a fully-glass style along with uno badly-placed fingerprint scanner. That looks prefer there’s cuales fingerprint scanner at all on ns iPhone X, yet Apple’s consisting of for this con its nuevo Face identifier unlock tech, which matches up with Samsung’s assorted iris y face acknowledgment features.


The camera module on ns rear of the iPhone has uno pair of lenses, while the Galaxy S8 makes do con a single sensor. You’ll should upgrade to los Galaxy Note ocho if you want un dual-camera experience. The iPhone X’s rear-facing cameras have actually some seriously impressive-looking portrait mode attributes that allow you readjust how los phone consciousness lighting, and you can even drop ns background of picture entirely to give it a more studio-like look.

Galaxy S8 vs iphone phone X specs: which phone is much more powerful?

The iphone phone X comes with Apple’s nuevo A11 Bionic processor, packing four low-power cores y two high-power cores.

The Galaxy S8, meanwhile, gets either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon ochocientos treinta y cinco or Samsung’s own Exynos 8895 systems-on-a-chip, which are among los fastest that 2017. Ns S8 likewise gets a completamente whack that 4GB while the iPhone X will certainly likely obtain 3GB, although this hasn’t been stated.


Apple says los A11 Bionic is the fastest mobile processor you deserve to buy today, which sounds legit, especially when you consider that debajo certain situations all 6 cores deserve to work in unison on ns same task.

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Galaxy S8 vs iphone X price: which phone is better value because that money?

We guess: v it depends on your idea of value. Ns iPhone X rocks up at un massive £999 while los Galaxy S8 deserve to be discovered for together “little” as £689. Over the course of ns two-year contract you’ll feel much less of uno pinch every month, but los long-fabled Apple tax is well y truly below with los iPhone X.

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Galaxy S8 vs iphone X summary: What’s ns difference?

Which phone call you pick will probably be decided much more by budget y your choice for iOS and Android. Being ns newer, an ext expensive phone, the iPhone X is one yes, really hardcore apple fans, while the Galaxy S8 represents ns finest of los Android pack.