Santa teresa de jesus avila

Feastday: October 15Patron: that Headache sufferers, Spanish WritersBirth: march 28, 1515Death: October 4, 1582Beatified: April 24th 1614, Rome through Pope paul VCanonized: in march 12th 1622, Rome by Pope gregor XV

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After this incident she led ns fairly plain life, despite she was convinced that she was un horrible sinner. As un teenager, she cared only around boys, clothes, flirting, and rebelling. When she was 16, she father chose she was el fin of control y sent her to ns convent. At very first she hated it yet eventually she began to reap it -- partly since of her growing love for God, and partly because ns convent was a lot much less strict than her father.

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Still, when the time came for her to choose in between marriage and religious life, she had uno tough tiempo making los decision. She"d watched ns difficult marriage damage her mother. On los other hand being ns nun didn"t it seems ~ like lot fun. When she ultimately chose spiritual life, she did so due to the fact that she though the it was los only safe location for who as vulnerable to sin as she was.

Once mounted at ns Carmelite convent permanently, she started to learn y practice mental prayer, in which she "tried as tough as identificación could to keep Jesus Christ present en me....My creativity is so dull that i had no talent for imagining or comes up with great theological thoughts." Teresa prayed this method off and on because that eighteen año without emotion that she was getting results. Part of los reason for her trouble was that ns convent to be not ns safe location she presume it would be.

Many women who had alguna place else to walk wound increase at ns convent, even if it is they had actually vocations or not. They were motivated to stay away from the convents for largo period of hora to cut down on expenses. Nuns would certainly arrange their veils attractively y wear jewelry. Reputation depended no on piety but on money. There was a steady currently of tourists in los parlor and parties that included young men. What spirituality life over there was involved hysteria, weeping, exaggerated penance, nosebleeds, and self- induced visions.

Teresa suffered ns same problem that francisco of Assisi did -- she was as well charming. Everyone chosen her and she preferred to be liked. She found it too simple to on slide into uno worldly life y ignore God. The convent urged her to have actually visitors to who she would certainly teach mental prayer since their presents helped the community economy. However Teresa got much more involved in flattery, vanity and gossip than spiritual guidance. This weren"t good sins perhaps but they maintained her from God.


Then Teresa fell ill con malaria. As soon as she had un seizure, people were so certain she to be dead that after she woke up four days later on she learned they had dug a acercan for her. After that she to be paralyzed for three years and was never fully well. Yet instead of helping she spiritually, she sickness came to be an pardon to avoid her prayer completely: she couldn"t it is in alone enough, she wasn"t healthy enough, and so forth. Later on she would say, "Prayer is an act of love, words room not needed. Even if sickness distracts from thoughts, all the is required is the will to love."

For año she solid prayed at all "under los guise that humility." She assumed as ns wicked sinner she didn"t deserve to gain favors desde God. But transforming away from prayer was favor "a baby turning representar its mother"s breasts, what deserve to be expected but death?"

When she was 41, a priest persuaded her come go regreso to she prayer, yet she still uncovered it difficult. "I was an ext anxious for ns hour of prayer come be gastos generales than me gustaría was to stay there. Me gustaría don"t know what heavy penance identificación would not have actually gladly undertaken quite than practice prayer." She was distracted often: "This intellect is therefore wild the it doesn"t it seems to be ~ to it is in anything else than ns frantic madman alguna one deserve to tie down." Teresa sympathizes with those that have ns difficult time in prayer: "All ns trials we endure cannot be contrasted to these doméstica battles."

Yet her experience provides us wonderful descriptions of mental prayer: "For mentmore prayer in mine opinion is nothing else 보다 an intimate sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with him that we recognize loves us. Los important point is no to think much but to love much y so do that which ideal stirs you come love. Love is not an excellent delight however desire to you re welcome God in everything."

As she began to pray again, God gave her spiritual delights: the prayer the quiet wherein God"s existence overwhelmed her senses, raptures wherein God overcame her with glorious foolishness, prayer the union whereby she felt the sol of God melt her alma away. Periodically her totality body to be raised representar the ground. If she feel God was going to levitate she body, she stretched out on ns floor y called ns nuns come sit ~ above her and hold she down. Far from being excited about these events, she "begged God an extremely much not to offer me any more favors in public."

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In she books, she analyzed y dissects mystical experiences the way uno scientist would. She never saw these gifts as rewards representar God but los way that "chastised" her. Ns more love she felt the harder it to be to violation God. She says, "The memory of the favor God has actually granted does an ext to lug such a person back to God than all ns infernal punishments imaginable."

Her biggest fault was her friendships. Though she wasn"t sinning, she was really attached to her friends until God told she "No much longer do i want you to converse with human beings but with angels." In an instant he gave her ns freedom the she had actually been unable to achieve through la edad of effort. Delaware that God always came very first in she life.

Some friends, however, go not like what to be happening come her and got together to talk about some "remedy" for her. Concluding that she had been deluded by ns devil, lock sent ns Jesuit to analyze her. Los Jesuit reassured her the her experiences were desde God yet soon everyone knew about her y was making fun of her.

One confessor to be so sure that los visions were desde the evil one that that told she to do an venomous gesture called ns fig every hora she had ns vision the Jesus. She cringed yet did as she was ordered, all los time apologizing come Jesus. Fortunately, Jesus didn"t it seems to be ~ upset however told her that she was best to obey her confessor. In her autobiography she would say, "I am more afraid that those who room terrified of los devil than i am of the devil himself." ns devil was no to it is in feared but fought by talking more about God.

Teresa felt that ns best proof that her delights came from God to be that los experiences gave her peace, inspiration, y encouragement. "If these results are not present i would considerably doubt that los raptures come desde God; on ns contrary i would are afraid lest lock be led to by rabies."

Sometimes, however, she couldn"t protect against complaining to she closest girlfriend about the hostility y gossip that surrounded her. When Jesus said her, "Teresa, that"s how i treat my friends" Teresa responded, "No wonder you have so few friends." But because Christ has actually so few friends, she felt they need to be an excellent ones. And that"s why she made decision to reform she Carmelite order.

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At los age that 43, she became determined to discovered a nuevo convent that went regreso to ns basics of ns contemplative order: a simple life of poverty devoted to prayer. This doesn"t sound like un big deal, right? Wrong.

When plans leaked el fin about her very first convent, St. Joseph"s, she was denounced desde the pulpit, said by her sisters she need to raise money for los convent she was currently in, y threatened with ns Inquisition. The town started jurídica proceedings versus her. All because she wanted to try a sencillo life the prayer. In los face that this open up war, she went ahead calmly, together if nothing was wrong, trusting in God.

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"May God protect me from gloomy saints," Teresa said, y that"s just how she ran her convent. To her, spiritual life was an perspective of love, not un rule. Although she proclaimed poverty, she believed in work, no in begging. She thought in obedience come God much more than penance. If you perform something wrong, don"t punish yourself -- change. When someone felt depressed, her advice was the she walk some ar where she can see the sky and take uno walk. When someone to be shocked the she to be going to eat well, she answered, "There"s a tiempo for partridge and a tiempo for penance." To her brother"s great to meditate on hell, she answered, "Don"t."

Once she had actually her own convent, she might lead un life of peace, right? dorn again. Teresa thought that los most powerful y acceptable prayer was that prayer the leads come action. Good effects were far better than pious sensations that just make ns person praying feeling good.

At St. Joseph"s, she spent lot of her tiempo writing she Life. She composed this book not for fun but since she was ordered to. Many civilization questioned her experiences y this publication would clear she or blame to her. Because of this, she used un lot the camouflage in the book, following un profound thought with ns statement, "But what do identificación know. I"m just uno wretched woman." the Inquisition favored what lock read y cleared her.

At 51, she felt that was hora to spread out her revolutionary movement. She braved burn sun, ice y snow, thieves, y rat-infested motel to found much more convents. But those obstacles were easy contrasted to what she face from her brothers y sisters in spiritual life. She was dubbed "a restless disobedient gadabout who has gone about teaching as though she were ns professor" by the papa nuncio. Once her previous convent voted she in as prioress, ns leader of ns Carmelite stimulate excommunicated los nuns. Ns vicar normal stationed one officer of los law outside ns door to save her out. Ns other religious orders opposed she wherever she went. She frequently had to enter ns town covertly in ns middle of los night to protect against causing a riot.

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And the help they obtained was sometimes worse than ns hostility. Ns princess bespeak Teresa come found un convent and then verified up at the door con luggage and maids. Once Teresa refused to order her nuns to wait on the princess on your knees, ns princess denounced Teresa to los Inquisition.

In another town, they came down on their new casa in ns middle of the night, just to wake up the siguiente morning to uncover that one wall of los building to be missing.

Why was anyone so upset? Teresa said, "Truly it seems that currently there are alguno more of those taken into consideration mad because that being true lovers of Christ." no one in spiritual orders or in los world want Teresa reminding them of los way God said they must live.

Teresa looked top top these challenges as great publicity. Quickly she had postulants clamoring to obtain into her reform convents. Many world thought about what she said y wanted to learn about prayer representar her. Shortly her idea about prayer swept not only through Spain but all of Europe.

In 1582, she was invited to found un convent by one Archbishop but when she come in ns middle of los pouring rain, the ordered she to leave. "And ns weather so delightful too" was Teresa"s comment. Though very ill, she to be commanded to attend uno noblewoman giving birth. By ns time they acquired there, ns baby had currently arrived so, as Teresa said, "The smo won"t it is in needed delaware all." as well ill come leave, she died on October cuatro at los age of 67.

She is the founder of los Discalced Carmelites. In mil novecientos setenta she was declared a Doctor of the Church for her writing and teaching on prayer, one of dos women to be honored in this way.

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St. Teresa is the patron saint of Headache sufferers. Her symbol is un heart, an arrow, and a book. She to be canonized in 1622.