Ever since the Fallout 76 reveal final month ns office has actually been breaking into song. Special, one song: hombre Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, country Roads’. It’s uno certified banger, that’s not in dispute, but, delaware two mainly of that (with an increasing frequency together we’ve learned an ext about los game and the sleep deprivation the E3 has kicked in) I’m starting to obtain sick of it. I’m humming it, I’m whistling it, I’m screaming that internally.

Tu lees esto: Take me home country roads

So, naturally, I’ve been looking for cover versions. Y I’ve uncovered some excellent ones – from Japanese musician rocking fuera in ns kitchen to ns EDM club remix you certainly don’t require in your life. You certainly don’t require anyof this music in your life.

You’re here tangentially since of Fallout, for this reason have un read of the best sandbox gamings on PC.

I’m sorry, but please re-publishing in this horror with me because me gustaría think I’m walk to it is in haunted by this musical in my nightmares, both sleeping y waking, for años to come.

First up, let’s make sure we’re all on los same web page here. This is hombre Denver’s version and what you’ve to be hearing in all ns Fallout 76 videos:


Like identificación said – banger.

Denver’s to be making uno splash lately, cropping up in un number of strange places. Many notably, when it was sung by marcos Strong in the latest Kingsman movie:


The male has a wonderful gravelly voice y impressively maintains his accent ns whole way through, even if he is uno little off key.

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Keeping with ns star-studded theme, here is Dwight y Andy representar The Office singing a banjo duet:


Everything around that is perfect. Especially ns switch come German.

Let’s readjust the speed of this a little. You require Denver for every situations, what if friend get un hankering for country Roads while you’re out on ns town? friend can’t expect ns DJ come spin up un record – together I’m sure is ns parlance of los discotheque. Alguna you have to adapt the música to los setting:


Who wouldn’t want to pull shapes to the for hrs at un time?

What? You desire another club mix? walk on then:


It’s no Halo(Beyoncé, not Bungie) however it will perform for listening towhile drinking thatpost-night-out cup of tea.

Now this siguiente cover is as much about the staging the the música video together it is the cover itself.

The method Uchidama juego the song so serious in such a tiny kitchenette is wonderful, y doubly so as soon as you realise it’s so tiny they’ve had to record themselves in there separately.

If that sounds familiar, it’s due to the fact that it’s a cover that thearrangement that appears in estudio Ghibli’s to whisper of ns Heart:

If you’re not into the país music or sociedad hits? Then just how about ns song sung con death metales vocals?

I’m not encouraged he pulls it turn off but ns attempt need to be applauded.

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Finally, come wrap increase this long and winding journey, uno cover motivated by fallout 76’s announcement. The 8 bit variation of ‘Take Me Home, country Roads’:

I’m quiet on ns lookout for ns version sung by un choral choir y my repertoire will only be finish when identificación find who beatboxing it to ns small group on a calle corner. But this should be at least enough tocarry us v toFallout 76’s relax in November.

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