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no veinticuatro Things that Make alguna Sense about Starfire In teen Titans One of ns biggest jewels in teen Titan"s crown to be Starfire, ns alien princess desde the earth Tamaran.

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For numerous people, the ‘Teen Titans’ cartoon desde the at an early stage 2000s to be their an initial introduction come DC lore beyond ns basic members of los Justice League. Uno solid mix of western y eastern animated styles, the dando enjoyed clever writing, relatable characters, and one of the most above voice casts in los history of ns medium. Y one of the biggest jewels in los show’s crown was Starfire, los alien princess from the planet Tamaran that was tho trying to acquire used come this whole ‘living top top Earth’ thing, however was identified to safeguard her friends and maintained her clear disposition in los face of a metric ton of adversity. Voiced through Hynden Walch, ns character was un beacon of hope in ns usually nice dark show.

She constantly made an initiative to be upbeat and was a key item of los team. Yet there were a lot that things about her that were, for lack of uno better word, odd. Some of her weird mannerisms and nonsensical traits have the right to be attributed come her extraterrestrial heritage y upbringing, yet there were number of instances as soon as it was more ns matter of ns writers being liberal with their creative freedom than any type of semblance of interior logic. While they deserve to never drown fuera de the popularity and enjoyability of she character, that worth analyzing just un few things around Starfire that just don’t make any sense whatsoever.

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ns episode “Go!” in season 5 was uno late-game origin story detailing how ns five main point members of ns team first assembled. In los narrative, Starfire an initial came to Earth after escaping her Gordanian captors however she is shown wearing un set the armor under uno black version of her much more well-known uniform at los time. Through the fin of the episode, she has changed into her normal purple two-piece con absolutely no explanation as to how she obtained it.

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In the episode “Betrothed” in season 3, it was revealed that ns royal household of Tamaran is marked by a face-framing headgear, the same type that Starfire’s sister Blackfire was checked out wearing in her very first appearance. Later, it’s shown that Starfire was wearing los same sort of crown once she pertained to Earth only to abandon it once she changed to her an ext traditional garb. Yet as ns proud member of the Tamaranean race y of ns royal family, why wouldn’t Starfire wear her crown more often.

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While that is reviled through fans and is still considered uno subpar spin-off of los original show, ‘Teen Titans Go!’ is still on the atmósfera and even got uno feature-length película out of los deal. Despite it make many, many alters to the original show, one of ns only verdadero physical alters was los color that Starfire’s hair, which to be changed desde a rich scarlet to an annoyingly bright pink. If the normal color palate the ‘Go!’ was lot brighter than los darker original, this color change really has actually no actual purpose.

21 Why Does she Entire society Wear the Same Clothes?


In “Betrothed,” viewers gained their first look at Starfire’s Tamaranean society which she’d been talking up for los majority of ns series. While los architecture y geology of ns planet were suitably alien, one of the defining characteristics of her world were the they all appeared to wear ns same combination of equivalent purple outfits. This is ns pretty standard archetype that alien societies as it further demonstrates how different they are representar humans, but it tho doesn’t do sense.

los rivalry in between Starfire and her older sister Blackfire came to uno close in their fight top top Tamaran gastos generales the throne. During the battle, Blackfire’s extraterrestrial powers to be augmented by los Jewel that Charta i m sorry made her measurably much more powerful 보다 her sister. Nevertheless, Starfire prevailed in their fight through sheer force of will, together these things often tend to go. But there’s alguno real explanation given as to how she was able to overpower Blackfire and therefore alguno reason why she should have won.

19 Why Is She for this reason Naive For she Age?

among Starfire’s defining characteristics is she naivety. She usually is willing to believe the best in people and takes them at their word, also if it doesn’t make feeling to her. While this has actually endeared her to fanes of ns show, it yes, really doesn’t make sense as soon as you discover that she far desde a curious child. In fact, she over 150 years old. Granted that’s in Tamaranean years and it"s likely their earth has un faster revolution period than Earth, however it’s still weird the she’s for this reason unknowledgeable at she age.

Starfire’s powers not only make her stand out among she teammates, yet are quite cool in their own right. Flight, invulnerability, and super strength space all par for los course because that superheroes, however her laser vision and signature starbolts are distinct to Tamaraneans in los show. Yet in los comic resource material, she had uno handful of other abilities that, for every little thing reason, never made that onto the show. For example, she can direccion her human body temperature to the señalar where she have the right to melt stole with un touch. That never showed up in the cartoon.

17 Why Didn"t She y Robin acquire Together Sooner?

while it was hinted in ~ for uno good section of ns show’s run, Robin and Starfire just cemented their relationship in the TV-movie series finale. This provides sense seeing together Robin to be such ns tight-laced leader the he seldom let his emotions come right into play. However Starfire was always an emotionally being as he strength were directly tied to her feelings. If she was aware of exactly how she felt around Robin, why didn’t she do a jugar sooner? They can have been date for entire seasons before the donar ended if she had.

los episode “How long is Forever?” is perhaps ns most heartbreaking of the show’s run. In it, Starfire is jettisoned año into the future. There, she discovers the without her presence, ns Teen Titans dropped apart and most went turn off to live sad, pathetic lives. However while Starfire is undoubtedly un valuable member of ns team, it’s never defined how losing her led to ns team’s disintegration. For example, how deserve to she it is in blamed because that Beast young going outright in his old age?

15 Why room Her powers Inconsistent?

Starfire and Raven’s power sets were described to audiences early in the donar during the episode “Switched,” wherein los two girls traded bodies ‘Freaky Friday’-style and had to readjust to each other’s abilities. Starfire defined that she powers come desde her emotions, with a different hopeful emotion fueling uno different power. However if that’s the case, exactly how is she still able to fly as soon as she’s also sad to feeling “unbridled joy?” It appears that her powers aren’t so lot tied to she feelings together they are to writers’ convenience.

Though the ‘Teen Titans Go!’ spin-off comic serie of los original cartoon didn’t have actually any real impact on los show, one little bit of trivia that fans often miss is that Starfire and Blackfire had a long-lost younger brother named Wildfire. Wildfire made uno brief appearance in ns comics, yet it turned el fin to be un ruse by mam Rouge. However, this tho left ns huge aspect to Starfire’s character unresolved y could have made for whole Starfire-centric season had actually it been offered in ns cartoon.

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13 Is She uno Savant?

regardless of being unfamiliar with Earth culture y not being a particularly fast learner, Starfire is plainly proud that her extraterrestrial heritage and loves come celebrate Tamaranean holidays and sing Tamaranean song (which generally involve un lot the screaming.) yet at one señalar she makes ns offhand remark the she has totally memorized ns 6000-verse city of Gratitude. How can she have actually such a remarkable memory but not remember just how conjunctions work? either Tamaranean schooling is stricter 보다 anything humans can imagine or she’s intentionally sociedad anónima out.

a major plot señalar in “Betrothed” was that ns alien Glgrdsklechhh to be promised Starfire’s hand in marriage, but that didn’t occupational out. As uno throwaway hoax at the end of ns episode, Blackfire expresses horrible in ns blob-like alien who reportedly tries to hit on her as uno rebound. However, in los animated quick ‘Blackfire’s Babysitter,” it’s shown that not only did they eventually get married, yet had a litter of children together. Based upon their interaction in “Betrothed,” los only means they can have gotten together would certainly be if Starfire in which method had uno hand in it, possibly as punishment.

11 What"s Up con Her growing Up?

los transition desde childhood to adulthood is never easy because that anyone, yet it is especially difficult for Tamaraneans, that suffer uno quick, bizarre, and unique transformation. Because that Blackfire, it was merely turning purple for uno couple days, but Starfire wasn’t so lucky. She slowly acquired more y more hideous traits gastos generales the course of number of days before entering uno chrysalis state that is supposedly an extraterrestrial delicacy. Speak about a hormone imbalance. Fortunately, ns whole ordeal is wrapped up in one episode, however it never ever addresses los evolutionary course the Tamaraneans had to take it to develop this process.

One of los best technologies of los original ‘Teen Titans’ cartoon was Starfire’s pet mutated larva Silkie. Acquired from Killer Moth delaware his defeat, silk was uno comic goldmine y demonstrated Starfire’s nurturing personality. However, silk was ns baby large mutated moth who, gastos generales the course of number of seasons, never seemed to age, crystalize, or experience metamorphosis. In retrospect, this was ns huge missed possibility as see Starfire try to involved terms with uno giant Silkie having actually to leave los nest would have been ns touching moment.

9 Why Can"t She Learn around Earth Culture?

it’s implied that Starfire has actually been chilling on planet for some tiempo in ns cartoon, long enough at least for Titans Tower to it is in built and for ns Teen Titans to it is in an established team. For this reason why is it that she still it s okay surprised and confused by earth customs and traditions? She has actually an developed friend grupo with enough range to store her in los loop about pretty much every facet of Earth society but she still has actually trouble adjusting delaware all this time.

among her numerous powers prove in the show, Starfire is shown to have the ability to fly and survive in ns vacuum of space. While the is inexplicable in y of itself, it’s also some pretty typical superhero nonsense. What’s yes, really weird around it is the it means Starfire could regresar to Tamaran at any type of time after she escaped from her Gordanian captors. Instead, she determined to continue to be on planet with the rag-tag group of misfits she eventually became friends with, leaving her civilization in los dark as to their princess’s whereabouts.

7 Why Was she Flaming Hair Left Out?

Starfire has always had un number of specifying physical characteristics from her green eyes to naranja skin, however one of Starfire’s most distinctive traits in los comics is her big, curly la red hair the turns into pliable flame once she flies rápido enough. For whatever reason, this to be left fuera de of ns cartoon, perhaps for convenience as it would have been very challenging to animate it into all 63 of ns episodes Starfire reflects up in. Still, that feels like uno loss considering how cool that would have looked.

As uno gag, ns cartoon develops that Starfire, and Tamaraneans in general, are allergic to chromium y suffer from explosive sneeze attacks as a result. In los show, they make it sound like chromium is un rare substance y doesn’t affect Starfire often, however in fact chromium is an ingredient in stainless steel, one of the most common industria metal alloys in ns world. Therefore Starfire should be punch up whole blocks con her violent sneezes at any time she passes ns stray screw.

5 How can She cook Alien food With planet Ingredients?

among the correr gags of the admitir was Starfire’s enthusiasm for sharing she culture’s culinary exploits con her friends who routinely had actually to hide just just how disgusting they discovered her cooking. But how to be she able to keep cooking alien dishes as soon as she to be supposedly marooned ~ above Earth? by design, Tamaran was vastly different desde Earth and didn’t re-superstructure any planta or fauna, for this reason she couldn’t have actually been able come improvise based on raza tastes. Climate again, this is ns girl who drinks mustard favor soda so clearly she has un different collection of taste buds.

among Starfire’s an essential powers are her starbolts, bursts of green energy that she and seemingly many Tamaraneans can throw from her clenched fists. After their puberty cycle, lock can even shoot raza energy blasts from their eyes. Yet it’s never described exactly how starbolts are generado or what they consist of. Room they photon blasts? carry out they have actually some kind of fire or warmth base? space they semi-sold plasma disks? any of these could be the case however it’s never confirmed what they space or where ns energy forced to develop them come from.

3 exactly how Does Her interior Anatomy Work?

despite being an alien desde a completely foreign planet, Starfire shared ns same normal anatomy of ns human. But it turns el fin that similarity is just skin deep. On los inside, Tamaraneans have actually nine stomachs. That unclear just where they’re stored together Starfire is quite fit as much as cartoon personalities go, but ns fact that she’s gained nine of them floating roughly in her intestines somewhere method that it’s likely los rest of she physiology is equally as strange.

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Starfire was initially excited los first tiempo Blackfire confirmed up on los ‘Teen Titans’ cartoon. She greeted her sister as simply that y even briefly struggled con some inadequacy issues before her Blackfire’s treacherous nature was revealed. However, in los canonical comic spin-offs, it to be revealed that it to be Blackfire who marketed Starfire into captivity in the first place. Con that in mind, why would certainly Starfire be overjoyed come see the sister the betrayed her? ns obvious answer is the it was a retcon, however it’s never addressed.

1 Why go She speak "The" prior to Every fifth Word?

a defining properties of Starfire’s decided pattern was ns verbal tick whereby she’d arbitrary insert ns contraction “the” unnecessarily before details words. While it was at first pretty endearing, it got played out pretty quickly and eventually became a parody the itself that they’re quiet leveraging in ‘Teen Titans Go!” however Starfire learned English by kissing Robin, which supposedly transplanted los entire language right into her mind. She should have as good uno mastery gastos generales the language as him. For this reason why doesn’t she understand how basic, elementary institution grammar works?