Travesia gregorio ramirez toledo

Fantastic office obtainable for rent, situated on los ground floor of ns residential building, situated in Toledo.

The office, spread in numerous rooms, has a reception area, an office y a diaphanous job-related area with capacity for number of jobs. The has dos toilets.

It is distributed with partitions the removable screens. The has aire conditioning and heat pump dispersed throughout the premises. That is really bright thanks to ns fact that it has dos large windows, con Venetian blinds.

It has security windows outside, aluminum carpentry, computer network, centralized telephone y bathroom extractor outside.

It is rented fully furnished together an office, con furniture intended for such use. It deserve to be offered as a commercial premises together well, with ns showcase.

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Suspended ceiling, Toilets, security camera, Fire detectors, Partitioned Offices, Extinguishers, natural Light - Good, Roller Shutters, Terrazzo Floors, fuera office

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GroundRetail115 Sep. 2019
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Toledo Province
The province of Toledo, which is part of ns region the Castile La Mancha, covers ns surface the 13,368 km² gastos generales a prairie the about quinientos noventa m.a.s.l. Of median altitude.It borders to the phia băc with Ávila and Madrid, to los east con Cuenca, to the sur with ciudad Real, come the southwest with Badajoz y to the west with Cáceres.In 1986, los historical centre of the city of Toledo was designated ns UNESCO world Heritage site.

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Suitem2UseCadastre reference
-3 -papposo Puerta 30, Esc. 110Industrial2439004VK1123G0068
-3 rápido Puerta 31, Esc. 114Industrial2439004VK1123G0067
-3 - Puerta 29, Esc. 110Industrial2439004VK1123G0071
-3 —apoyándose Puerta 28, Esc. 110Industrial2439004VK1123G0072
-3 rápido Puerta 33, Esc. 112Industrial2439004VK1123G0075
-3 —apoyándose Puerta 34, Esc. 17Industrial2439004VK1123G0076
-3 -papposo Puerta 3, Esc. 111Industrial2439004VK1123G0079
-3 rápido Puerta 4, Esc. 110Industrial2439004VK1123G0080
-3 -papposo Puerta 1, Esc. 18Industrial2439004VK1123G0083
-3 - Puerta 2, Esc. 18Industrial2439004VK1123G0084
-3 rápido Puerta 6, Esc. 18Industrial2439004VK1123G0088
-3 -papposo Puerta 5, Esc. 18Industrial2439004VK1123G0087
-3 —apoyándose Puerta 35, Esc. 18Industrial2439004VK1123G0174
-3 - Puerta 9, Esc. 18Industrial2439004VK1123G0175
-3 rápido Puerta 8, Esc. 18Industrial2439004VK1123G0094
-3 rápido Puerta 7, Esc. 19Industrial2439004VK1123G0093
-3 —apoyándose Puerta 14, Esc. 112Industrial2439004VK1123G0097
-3 -papposo Puerta 17, Esc. 19Industrial2439004VK1123G0098
-3 -papposo Puerta 16, Esc. 19Industrial2439004VK1123G0102
-3 -papposo Puerta 15, Esc. 19Industrial2439004VK1123G0101