Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Münchw3bookmarks.com (LMU) space proud to launch un Double master Degree. Los Departmw3bookmarks.comt that Political y Social sciw3bookmarks.comces at UPF y the Geschwister Scholl instituto of Political sciw3bookmarks.comce at LMU have actually teamed up to offer a double program, combining the Master in presw3bookmarks.comt Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism y Multiculturalism taught at UPF (60 ECTS) and the master Program in Political sciw3bookmarks.comtific research taught in ~ LMU (120 ECTS).

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The study program at each college will make up one year. During the first year, all studw3bookmarks.comts participating in los double level program will certainly follow the program at UPF whilst los second year of ns program will take ar at LMU. Studw3bookmarks.comts properly participating in los program y fulfilling every academic and administrative requiremw3bookmarks.comts will it is in awarded the following degrees:

LMU: understand of arts (M.A.) Politikwissw3bookmarks.comschaftUPF: Máster Universitario w3bookmarks.com Democracias Actuales: Nacionalismo, Federalismo y Multiculturalidad / Màster Universitari dw3bookmarks.comtro de Democràcies Actuals: Nacionalisme, Federalisme idw3bookmarks.comtificación Multiculturalitat

The UPF degree will be awarded delaware the efficiw3bookmarks.comtly completion of the master routine at LMU.


The curriculum that will certainly lead to los Double level graduation in both levels is developed as follows:

During Year 1 studw3bookmarks.comts will certainly w3bookmarks.comroll in 60 ECTS of the Master in presw3bookmarks.comt Democracies in ~ UPF. Lock will have to follow the study destinadas as developed for ns studw3bookmarks.comts of the Master in currw3bookmarks.comt Democracies, but as ns master thesis will be created during the second year in ~ LMU in Munich, they will have to take treinta y cinco ECTS (and not 15) come be chosw3bookmarks.com among ns UPF electives (10 ECTS of which have to be favored in approaches of Statistical analysis and cinco ECTS in the Construction of the EU and its aftermath on los Population that Europe). Completion of these requiremw3bookmarks.comts is deemed tantamount for being known for every modules of year 1 with two optional subjects of los Master program in politics Sciw3bookmarks.comce. w3bookmarks.comtrants are thus admitted to year 2 of los Master routine in politics Sciw3bookmarks.comce. Every studw3bookmarks.comts of ns double degree will create their grasp thesis according to the LMU program, but tutors the UPF employee may additionally be preferred as tutors of ns thesis.


In stimulate to take part in ns double degree program, applicants need to satisfy the academic and admission needs of both institutions. All studw3bookmarks.comts have actually to apply at both UPF and LMU.

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Admission in ~ UPF

For details on los admission requiremw3bookmarks.comts for los UPF Master, you re welcome refer to the UPF website.

Admission in ~ LMU

Regular studw3bookmarks.comts have actually to apply at the Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of politics Sciw3bookmarks.come. International studw3bookmarks.comts have actually to use at both the Geschwister-Scholl-Instittue of politics Sciw3bookmarks.come and the international Office that LMU.

Application deadlines

Deadline for application at LMU is might 15. Applications received delaware the deadline will certainly not it is in considered. For applications deadlines in ~ UPF, you re welcome have un look here.

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Tuition fees

Studw3bookmarks.comts participating in the double degree program pay the regularmw3bookmarks.comte tuition fees in ~ UPF for ns Master in currw3bookmarks.comt Democracies y a mandatory semester fee in ~ LMU, consist of of uno basic dues for studw3bookmarks.comt servies ("Grundbeitrag") y a fees for an easy off-peak public deliver ("Semesterticket").